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The Emergence of Autonomous Vehicles

Trevor Brawn
  • Smart Car Concept

Auto-driving vehicles have been the object of our fascination for decades. Now, that fantasy is slowly becoming reality. Specifically, autonomous cars, or driverless cars, are being researched and developed at an alarming rate. 319 more words


Autonomy and Infrastructure

As the springtime gets into full swing, orange barrels start blooming on the highways. Construction seems to never stop, especially in large cities with high traffic and brutal winters. 280 more words


3 Ways Tesla's Self-Driving Cars are Innovative

Remember those futuristic movies when you were a kid with holograms, computerized homes, and flying cars? What if technology is turning the corner, becoming one step closer to those things? 291 more words

Motorists 'Horrified' by Autonomous cars

As we motor closer to an era of Computer Chauffeurs, it seems we’re liking the idea less and less

Could you do it? Could you get into a car, program in a destination and then continue to scroll through your Instagram feed, whilst the vehicle autonomously proceeds? 398 more words


The Future is Time Well Spent

The future of transportation is surely going to be transformative, but today we seem to be stuck between gears. Car companies are still pitching us on the thrill of driving today’s models, but their future-forward message point us towards seamless mobility. 495 more words

Review: "Autonomous" By Annalee Newitz (Novel)

Well, I thought that I’d take a break from all of the fantasy fiction I’ve been reading recently and read some science fiction instead :) … 1,605 more words