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Autorickshaws of Mumbai

I am a three-wheeled wonder

Made for carrying only three passengers around.

My small and sweet stature

Converts every nook and crany to a highway for me. 77 more words

Views, Opinions And More

Ola auto services a boon for Chennaiites, and misfortune for local auto rickshaw

Chennai: Facing a stiff competition from the Ola auto, the auto rickshaw union has filed a complaint about how Ola auto are allowed to charge Rs10 extra and even if they did, the police penalizes them. 447 more words

Day 78

Spend a year in Chennai and you will master the art of how not to get taken for a ride by autorickshaw drivers!

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Of Indian weddings and auto-drivers.

Yep. I did it again. Although I never intended to. I swear I wanted to write more at the start of the year. Then, barely a month later, life took its own course and I ended up with a writer’s block (sounds more fancier than saying that I was plain lazy!) and couldn’t write anything for a month. 794 more words

Teen Life

Show and tell: Autorickshaw

We are back to the school routine.

That means, books to read every day. And show-and-tell every week.

For the first week back, I didn’t want to stretch myself or M too much. 132 more words

Primary School

This Madurai Auto Driver Offers 30% Off To Foreign Tourists & 20% To Tourists From Other States

MADURAI: National and international tourists travelling in India often fall easy preys to overcharging autorickshaw drivers. But here is an exemplary exception. Meenakshisundaram, an auto driver in Madurai offers 30% discount to foreigners and 20% totourists from other states.   282 more words

Not Surprising

My mode of Public Transport.

The preferable mode of transport to go around bangalore apart from your own vehicles would be to travel in Cabs or Taxis. The most exciting part is that these vehicles come to the place you desire and want, called the pick up location. 315 more words