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New AutoSpotting Version

Hi there,

Just in case you haven’t been following the AutoSpotting project, a few weeks ago we released a new version that improves it a lot, and we recommend you to  1,504 more words


Implementing High Availability

High Availability

High-end infrastructure and services should be implemented in a fault-tolerant way, that means they can remain operational all the time, even if some application fails there should be some mechanism to keep the service stable. 1,110 more words


Configuring AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

Most of the AWS services generate some output notifications automatically when the function runs and these generated notifications can be used to initiate any actions without manual interaction. 743 more words


Scaling and Load Balancing


Autoscaling option allows the instances to scale out or scale in according to the conditions that we chose, thereby increasing the availability of the application. 932 more words


Does AWS EC2 Auto-Scaling add new instance exactly like current one?

When EC2 auto-scaling group adds a new instance, is it adding one exactly like the current instance (assuming you only have one as a baseline) including any changes you have made post launch, or does it start one that is identical to the first instance’s initial state? 41 more words


Specific Auto-Scaling group Cloudformation AWS

I have an auto scaling group in AWS so i can change stack size of instances created by CF.
However when i want to reduce the stack it will terminate random instances in the stack. 99 more words


Enabling Auto Scale to Handle Spikes and Throughs URL (Lab: 9 DINOSTORE)

Here in our project, we are scaling our dinostore application. Autoscaling is done when the server cannot withstand the traffic so for that the autoscaling feature will automatically create multiple servers according to the demand and the load on the server. 171 more words