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Ansible and EC2 Auto Scaling Groups: False-positive idempotency errors and a workaround

When using Ansible to deploy and manage EC2 auto scaling groups (ASGs) in AWS, you may encounter, like I have recently, an issue with idempotency errors that can be somewhat befuddling. 976 more words


Autoscaling Containers on Kubernetes on AWS

One of the challenges I faced recently was the ability to autoscale my containers on my Kubernetes cluster. I realised I had not written yet about this concept and thought I would share how this can be done and what the pitfalls there were for me. 964 more words


AutoScaling your Kubernetes cluster on AWS

One of the challenges I have faced in the last few months is the autoscaling of my Kubernetes cluster. This is perfectly working on Google Cloud, however as my cluster is deployed on AWS I have no such fortune. 1,133 more words


Consul cluster in AWS with autoscaling, Lambda and lifecycle hooks


Recently I have been playing around with microservices-based applications using the Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS). Amazon ECS is a container manager service that facilitates running a cluster of containers on top of EC2 instances. 2,165 more words