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Autoscaling with AWS instances using Ansible-Pull

Ansible has an excellent feature called ansible-pull, which many people don’t know or don’t use. This feature works best for self healing infrastructure, best example is AWS Autoscaling in which new ec2 instance is created from vanilla ami, then pull the code from somewhere (version control system) and configure itself before announcing that it is ready to serve (mean add to the serving ELB). 528 more words

Amazon EC2


Autoscaling is a process of dynamically allocating the resources required by an application to improve performance and meet service level agreements (SLAs).

It’s an automated process that helps us in  managing resources automatically. 262 more words

Automatic replacement of Autoscaling nodes with equivalent spot instances: seeing it in action

Over the last few days since my previous post I’ve got thousands visitors, dozens of comments were posted and a few brave souls were even audacious enough to give it a try. 1,105 more words


My approach at making AWS EC2 ~80% cheaper: Automatic replacement of Autoscaling nodes with equivalent spot instances

Getting started

Last year, during one of the sessions of the Berlin AWS meetup where I am often present, during the networking that happened after the event… 1,292 more words

AWS Auto Scaling Overview


  • Autoscaling provides the ability to ensure a correct number of EC2 instances are always running to handle the load of the application.
  • Autoscaling also helps specify Scaling policies which can the be used to launch and terminate Ec2 instances to handle any increase or decrease in demand on your application.
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AWS Autoscaling Troubleshooting

Exam Question Scenario :- 
EC2 instances fail to launch with Autoscaling configuration

Description :-
Autoscaling configuration requires the following :-

Autoscaling launch configuration which allows you to select an… 164 more words


Introducing the ABC's new video transcoding service: Metro

In December last year, the ABC launched a new video encoding system internally called Metro (“Media Transcoder”), which converts various sources of media into a standardised format for… 992 more words