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The UI for configuring auto scalling policy is confusing me

Very confused about what I’m seeing in the console.

  1. I create an alarm for >=81% CPU
  2. I select that alarm for a step policy
  3. Set number of instances I want to scale on…
  4. 172 more words

Credential Setup: Toil Autoscaling with AWS

This post will cover credential setup and the initial launching of a toil autoscaling cluster.

Note: To manage autoscaling, toil mimics a mesos cluster by spinning up an AWS EC2 instance with a docker image of a mesos leader node. 692 more words


Amazon launches autoscaling service on AWS

(Source: techcrunch.com)

One of the primary advantages of cloud computing has always been the ability to scale up to meet short-term needs and scale back when that need has been met. 296 more words


AWS Dynamo not auto-scaling back down

Here are the parameters I have set on the table:

And here is what I see for the capacity over time.

Why is it remaining at 25 write units? 96 more words


EC2 Instance Auto-Scaling group with automatic computer join and removal from an Active Directory domain.

The Problem

Depending on the elasticity of your auto scaling group(s), this can typically leave a large trail of computer objects behind. Retroactive removal of computer objects from a directory is never without risk; typically scheduled scripts scan computer objects for objects with old computer passwords, often coupled with DNS and/or ICMP (ping) checks to sanitize; the issue comes in with computer objects that don’t update their passwords ( 1,606 more words


5 FREE AWS resources you need to know, 4th will blow your mind

Cloud Computing is not only the buzz word of the technology trends but also the future of Infrastructure.
Amazon Web Services sniffed it in advance and provisioning its customers with countless services.   318 more words


Azure Analysis Services scheduled autoscaling and pausing

One of the major benefits of Azure is scalability, the cloud is built to be elastic, to be as cost-effective as possible. Azure solutions can be scaled in ways that would never be possible with your own hardware. 1,909 more words

Azure Analysis Services