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Making Applesauce with Liam, Continuing the Tradition !

Last Autumn 2015, my son Liam mentioned that he’d like to make some applesauce like he remembered I’d made in his childhood. Liam’s son Calvin was a year old then and Liam and his wife Elisabeth were being very cautious to avoid additives, preservatives and unnecessary anything in his food. 505 more words

At The Table, Local Flavors

Crock Pot Beef & Vegetable Soup

Hi All!  Today I made a family recipe for beef and vegetable soup.  It turned out great and was perfect for a cold, rainy day. 204 more words


What To Do With A Glut of Brambles

Bramble Glut Posset

This year has just been phenomenal for brambles. Our garden seemed to be overrun with the thorny buggers. Next year’s tangle thrashing around like demented spiky snakes, waiting to catch the unwary as they gather the fruit from this season’s pickings. 401 more words


Corn and Shrimp Pilaf

If this was a food blog I’d be in trouble.  You could grimace a little and then do a sympathetic head tilt and shrug.  Again, I have achieved cooking something that I swear is tasty despite looking like crap.   333 more words

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