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I think what's difficult about knowing somebody

“I think what’s difficult about knowing somebody that was so incredibly good at what they do is that you are burdened with the knowledge that there were a whole bunch of things they were not good at. 162 more words

Autumn De Wilde

She was talking a lot about that movie "La Jetée"

“She was talking a lot about that movie, “La Jetée”, which I think is really cool. It’s all stills, except for one little moment where someone’s eyes open, and that’s the only moving part of it. 47 more words

Elliott Beyond "i Didn't Have A Hard Time Making It, I Had A Hard Time Letting It Go"

He was sexy

“He was sexy. There were a lot of girls he was trying to get rid of by the end of the night! The thing is, when I photograph someone who has a face that’s accepted by society as beautiful, then we have a real problem, because no one believes that person could write a song or a book or a poem or a painting. 55 more words

Autumn De Wilde

Elliott wasn't walking around

“Elliott wasn’t walking around like some sad little boy. He was a tough badass who happened to write heartbreaking songs. He was a fighter. I want people to remember that.”

Autumn de Wilde

Autumn De Wilde

The people that were really friends with Elliott

“The people that were really friends with Elliott always questioned whether or not they were. They saw how Elliott went from best friend to best friend every night. 52 more words

Autumn De Wilde

One From the Archive: 'Death Cab for Cutie' by Autumn de Wilde ****

I have been a big fan of Death Cab for Cutie ever since I first heard them circa the start of the millennium.  I could happily put their albums on, one after the other, and listen to them for days.  512 more words