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The 3 Days Kansai Trip (DAY 3 - LAST DAY): KYOTO

I spent the last day of my 3 days Kansai trip strolling around my favorite city: Kyoto. Kyoto served as Japan’s capital and also emperor’s residence on 794-1868. 1,555 more words


The autumn Heartland Tour in Kyoto!

The Heartland Tour, at Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto!  Great to see you all!

Kyoto in the fall

The leaves in Kyoto are looking amazing just now!

Ancient Highway, the fall

The autumn foliage Ancient Highway Tour along the Tetsugakku-no-michi – the Path of Philosophy, Kyoto.


Falling in Love

As a Californian native and one who spent the last four years living in San Diego, I never really got the hype about fall. Yes, of course it finally wasn’t 90 degrees and now I could wear some light sweaters and maybe a scarf every now and then but for the most part, it wasn’t my favorite season. 301 more words


Fukuoka Diary 2 : Fall

I love the fall. The past few weeks have seriously been so beautiful in Fukuoka even though the temperature has dropped like crazy and it’s become impossible for me to leave bed every morning. 333 more words