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The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy

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Enormously affecting. A boy and his father set out to trap a wolf that is preying on their cattle. The man who had trapped them in the past, who opened the plains for countless thousands of cattle to graze is now dead, and the wolves have begun to return to their old hunting grounds from their retreat in Mexico. 444 more words

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The Genius of the Master

The Autumn of the Patriarch

by Gabriel García Márquez (HarperPerennial, 300pp.)

A novel of blazing, indefatigable brilliance. A tale in which absolute power of a uniquely Caribbean variety corrupts its possessor absolutely. 345 more words

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Saved My Life

The man, outside my own, who I have long fantasized about being stranded with on a deserted island, is dead.

It wasn’t for the sex. I chose him because I couldn’t imagine a more ardent thinker, seductive conversationalist or outrageous dreamer, who, staring into the belly of extinction, could help keep me laughing, crying and sane. 515 more words


Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Nature of Power

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. Widely considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, he authored many books such as Love in the Time of Cholera… 782 more words

Five Essential Reads

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Five essential reads

David L. Ulin, the Los Angeles Times Book Critic, published a short eulogy for Gabriel García Márquez, but, as my original training as a New Critic had me believe unconditionally, the works have a life of their own, independent from the author or the country or the history. 600 more words


In Memoriam: GGM

A re-post, from almost exactly two years ago to the day, in memory of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Another one of the absolute greats–first Bellow, now GGM; Kundera, at 85, probably soon–taken from us recently. 454 more words