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It was month of October,                               when leaves of autumn adorned the roads and in between those beautiful golden lanes,                                                     my eyes stumbled upon her.                         She sitting on the bench                                 as if contemplating about her life               looking all engrossed in thoughts of other world,                                                     made a quick eye contact and looked away ignoring my existence                         and my eyes                                                     capturing every detail of her face,               tripping over tiny bumps of her cheeks,giving rise to a conflict between heart and brain,                                               between urge to talk to her and move ahead,                                                               but me being a man of logic ,               walked ahead having all her particulars in memory,                                                        and also urge to move back,                       and grasp her thoughts,                         undress them with my love,                       hold them with my trust,                       handle them with my care,                         and know her all secrets,                             and to unveil the demons she was hiding from this world, from which she seemed scared of                                                           to tell her about how lovely                         her silky hair gorgeously embellished her face                                                             and how her eyes have charmed my soul and how I was captivated by her serene frown,                                                               and how badly                                                 I wanted her to smile                                     but I moved ahead keeping this                 love at first sight in my memories.           37 more words


Summer’s almost gone

Everyone’s so damn excited ‘bout spring and summer
But hey, for the next month it’ll be far too cold
And once midsummer strikes, the sunny days are almost over… 64 more words


in which dusk is not

though the colour of leaves was dusk,

this dusk has drifted in from car fumes,

from city grit, from stasis, from the dry

drought desert air, and there it sits, unable… 13 more words


Striking Pink Petals in Autumn Sun

Striking pink petals, with a patch of redish-pink dots, lit up in autumn sunshine.
(This azalea is right near my front door, and I must have walked by tons of times without even noticing it.) 23 more words


Why would you throw away your eggshells when they’re so useful?

There are a myriad of ways to recycle them. My favourite is for soil improvement. 704 more words