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Trip to the USA - part I

I made a trip to the USA from 6th to 15th November 2017. Here you can see some photos from my trip with short comments. Because I have made a lot of photos and I would like to share a lot of them with you, I split the article into two parts.You can find all my photos in my… 637 more words


Monday Meditation: Lilleshall Nature Trail Part II - By Day

I know that many of you are recovering from Thanksgiving, are in the final week of preparations for other family get-togethers at this time, or coping with the after-effects of winter weather or fires, but I hope you will accompany me on this week’s walk in the sunshine, take a few deep breaths, admire the landscape and recharge your batteries for a few moments. 689 more words


Hanging from the vines,

Dying sun on my back,

Bunches of indigo,

Hands reaching up,

Taking a small handful,

Tasting the almost-purple,

Indigo grapes,

Scented like wine, 8 more words


autumn on about

thought as its own

making as its own scent

and whose as its own candid

and touch

theme as its own location

and whom

as corner… 49 more words



Mandarins in a bowl,

Fire in the hearth,

Orange flames, orange flames,

Peels fall away like wood shavings,

Mixing with the scent of cider,

Orange cider, orange cider, 39 more words


Empty Bench

Last of the colour clings
Pool of yellow below
The bench, empty

Walking past
Eyes turned away

She would never sit there again

Not without him… 35 more words