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Outfit: Just Another Dress...

So today I’m bringing you a dress.

And that’s all for today, see ya next time….

Just kidding! Obviously I’m going to waffle on for a little bit longer yet – you don’t get away that easily! 514 more words

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Outfit: Flirty In My Thirties

In my last outfit post I talked about how I don’t like being told what I should and shouldn’t wear. This aversion can come in many forms – … 577 more words

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Outfit: Polka Dots & Red

I’m not a fan of fashion rules. In fact, I make a concerted effort not to follow any, as I explained in this post. I just don’t like being told what I can and can’t wear – simple as. 309 more words

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Outfit: She Wore Green Velvet

We have a new record ladies and gents (if there are actually any gents reading…?)

For the first time ever on this blog I’m featuring a new purchase in an outfit post before I’ve even featured it in my monthly purchases post!! 334 more words

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Outfit: Biker Ballerina

I like to think I know my style by now. At the ripe old age of 35, I have made more than enough fashion faux pas to know what does and doesn’t suit me, and what I like. 369 more words

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Outfit: About That Bow...

Hmmm, seems like we’re having a bit of a black and red theme this week! That’s actually all a bit of an illusion though, because while I genuinely did wear Tuesday’s outfit quite recently, this one was actually worn MONTHS ago, waaaay back in October for Dan’s Birthday dinner! 457 more words

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Outfit: Pops of Colour

Firstly, I know. I said ‘pops of colour’. Sorry, I’m cringing at myself right now for being so audacious as to believe I can get away with talking blogger speak. 319 more words

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