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The auxiliary verb (助動詞)~じ is added to the mizenkei of verbs, adjectives, and pseudo-adjectives. It has an irregular, defective conjugation.

It is essentially the negative counterpart to ~む, however, it is more limited. 172 more words


Homework for Tuesday February 10


Today we reviewed can/could/be able to and then talked about have/has to/had to and must/mustn´t. Remember, mustn´t means får inte.  Then we worked in the book with speaking exercises and practised the new words from unit 2 and ended the lesson with a film and discussions related to the topic education. 144 more words

Auxiliary Verbs

Homework for Thursday February 5

Hi there,

Good to see you again! Hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did! So, we started off with some facts about the history of the English language. 210 more words

Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary verbs/ helping verbs di pasangkan dengan verb utama untuk membantu menunjukan waktu, mood, atau penekanan suara. Auxiliary verbs yang paling umum adalah be, do ,dan have… 18 more words

Auxiliary Verbs