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Me too!

Me too (anche io) sarà probabilmente una delle frasi fatte più gettonate nella lingua inglese, e non senza motivo. È il modo più semplice e diretto per assecondare quello che è appena stato detto: 598 more words



My house (1) has a bath and shower and I (2) have a bath or shower every day. I (3) have to have a bath or shower every day.

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How To Teach Probability With Modal Verbs

Most of the time, modal verbs do not have an exact or sometimes not even close translation in a student’s mother tongue. They can therefore be difficult to teach. 748 more words


How To Teach The Present Perfect

The present perfect is basic knowledge for any English learner, and it’s essential that they use it in all parts of the exam. Including their speaking. 162 more words


Verbs in English auxiliary and modal

When learning verbs in English it is common that students have doubts about the auxiliary verb to be used with tenses. Here some useful information: 225 more words