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How To Teach The Present Perfect

The present perfect is basic knowledge for any English learner, and it’s essential that they use it in all parts of the exam. Including their speaking. 162 more words


Verbs in English auxiliary and modal

When learning verbs in English it is common that students have doubts about the auxiliary verb to be used with tenses. Here some useful information: 225 more words

If My Life Were a Language, It Would Be One Without Auxiliary verbs

The word auxiliary comes from the Latin auxilium ‘to help.’ An auxiliary verb is just that: something that influences tense, mood, and voice of other verbs. 1,025 more words

"To Be" or Not "To Be": Help For Distressed Writers

Every day, know-it-all writers patrol online critique groups in a quest to rid manuscripts of “to-be” verbs. One anonymous reviewer suggested that a writer remove all instances of the word “was” from her manuscript. 555 more words

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Modal Verbs

In week four, we learned about a special kind of verb called a modal verb. Modal verbs are verbs that stay the same, no matter which subject you use (I, you, we, he, she, they, it). 334 more words

Week Four Of Class

Basic English Grammar #2 - More about Verbs

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

William Shakespeare

You may think that we’re done with verbs. *laughs* Nope, not yet.

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