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19. Auxin Producing Area of a Plant

Auxin is a hormone common in all plants that is responsible for the growth of shoots and development within the plant. Auxin is also responsible for the production of phototropism by promoting growth in certain directions. 47 more words


Darwin's Garden

Over the last two weeks I have had a crazy case of synchronicity going on. Several random events, totally unrelated, unsolicited, but absolutely linking to a theme of… genetics! 811 more words


How do plants see the Sun?


A yourcuriosityhub video explaining how the hormone Auxin is responsible for plants growing towards sunlight.


The great divide

As I look across to the edge of High Wood from the back of the Biology department where I work I should be able to keep a watchful eye on my oak tree but it’s rather difficult to identify from the line of trees on the horizon. 430 more words

Transforming Trees

The Falling Leaves

By Bruce Rottink, Volunteer Nature Guide and Retired Research Forester

The forest at Tryon Creek State Natural Area (TCSNA) is currently completing one of its most dramatic transformations. 1,383 more words

Tryon Creek State Natural Area

JCUBES Presents Cindy Li: Auxin Regulation and Signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana

JCUBES will present Cindy Li this coming week on Thursday, October 22nd at 6:30 pm in Life Sciences 310! Xuan Cindy Li will present the exciting findings from Dr. 96 more words

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