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More precautions needed when spraying with dicamba and 2,4-D

From the Weed Science Society of America

New resistant soybean and cotton cropping systems based on the synthetic auxin herbicides give farmers new options for managing Palmer amaranth and other broadleaf weeds resistant to glyphosate. 543 more words


How Auxin Promotes the Elongation of Root Cells.

The plant hormone auxin at low concentrations triggered acidification and cell-wall loosening, permitting root growth. But at high concentrations, auxin triggered alkalinization, which inhibited growth. The inhibiting effect, however, only lasted for two hours.

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I use some fancy words to justify my defoliation habit, go figure. 

Okay, perhaps I defoliate too much. Maybe or maybe not. I can admit it before an audience. And, of course, there are those bonsai professionals out there who say, quite reasonably, that to cut off all a trees leaves might not be the best thing, horticulturally speaking. 2,577 more words


19. Auxin Producing Area of a Plant

Auxin is a hormone common in all plants that is responsible for the growth of shoots and development within the plant. Auxin is also responsible for the production of phototropism by promoting growth in certain directions. 47 more words