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Tom Delonge and Angels & Airwaves featuring in Fusion Tv's Mars Documentary

We know Tom Delonge has become quite the content creator and amateur spaceman since departing blink-182 back in 2014 and over the past few years we’ve seen project after project that’s either come from his mind or that he’s been associated with. 133 more words


We All Scream for Nicecream!

If you are looking for the freshest handcrafted cup of ice cream possible, you must check out Nicecream at 726 King Street. It all comes to be by combining fresh, local grass-fed cream and local ingredients from nearby farms. 92 more words


No 'fake eggs' sold at Ang Mo Kio coffeeshop: AVA

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – The eggs sold at an Ang Mo Kio coffeeshop are real, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) said in response to… 158 more words

Current Affairs

Gender and Neurology

by Ava

Recently, I’ve noticed a surge in the amount of people who say that gender is a social construct. I’ve been hearing this everywhere: not just in the depths of tumblr.hell, but also on nicer parts of the internet and even from people I know in real life. 1,182 more words

Second life

CW: Animal death

I didn’t have to euthanize my cat, by the closest shave possible. 1,232 more words


Life Candy - Laughter

“Life Candy” is a phrase that has become mainstream over the past several years. I remember when I first “heard it” (read it on a friends’ social media post-Gena Hill), I LOVED it! 478 more words


So soon?

cw: top surgery, dysphoria, animal death

The most miraculous thing happened the other day. 1,087 more words