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(Heatwave in California)

Me: Omg, can you get a hotel in a different state? I need you to be alive.

Ava: Idk, it’s Trump’s America. Either way, I’m fucked.

I'm on TDY from Hell - The Beginning of the End

The battle lines were drawn as Michael and Satan walked calmly to their respective sides of the gym. The heavy-hitters stood on the frontlines: Seere, Lucifer, and Satan against the two archangels. 4,134 more words

Gerald Fuller


In meinem Urlaub habe ich drei Bücher gelesen und dieses war das einzige, welches mir nicht gefallen hat. Dabei hatte es auf Amazon keine allzu schlechten Bewertungen und hörte sich vom Klapptext her auch super an. 178 more words


Grandpa Titan

If you have ever been to a T.C. Williams Football game or men’s basketball game, there is a good chance you have seen and heard Mike Oliver, a.k.a Grandpa Titan.   234 more words


I'm on TDY from Hell - The Lineup

The deathblow was quick and clean. The dagger of Divine Steel easily sliced through Maria’s chest and into the stone alter below it. It cut her heart in two, and ended her life. 3,282 more words

Gerald Fuller

The Magic Behind Napa's Mountain Wines

The mountain slopes of Napa Valley’s wine growing region are home to acres of grapevines that produce some of the state’s finest wines (the grapes grown on Howell Mountain are some of my personal favorites). 24 more words

Napa Valley