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Groovy Review: Avalon

Avalon is a social deduction game for 5-10 players similar to games such as Werewolf or Mafia. After receiving a role card players close their eyes and one by one perform their role-specific action. 390 more words

Cruise France on an Active Discovery Cruise

Your travel agent told you this is an active tour, right?”, our cruise director, Danielle, asks the group on Avalon Waterway’s inaugural Active Discovery cruise. There are groans from the passengers, by day three we are all weary, but all this activity on a cruise is a great way to counterbalance the French food and wine. 186 more words


Autumn Falling

Autumn falls quickly

But some pockets of summer

Keep the sun alive


Lemuria vs Atlantis & Avalon


Keys: Grounding. Send energies to Mother Earth.

  • being at one with nature
  • Avatar, the elves in there
  • Shapeshifter, adapt very well
  • thinks humans are complicated…
  • 123 more words

It Calls

The island appears

Every night in my dreams

As if calling me


Friday the 13th Full Moon

I looked at my calendar to see when the full moon was this month and, bam, there it was. Friday the 13th!

What could this possibly mean? 622 more words

Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Are Starting 'The Office' Podcast

“The Office” fandom never seemed to die out following its 2013 conclusion, now stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are offering a remedy.

The two actresses and real-life best friends are starting a new podcast all about “The Office”. 184 more words