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Jeb Bush Health Care Plan Revealed

….Gots ta spend that money on military bases….

…oh, and then there’s golf to play…


Kurma Avatar-4

Having accomplished his main objective of obtaining Goddess Lakshmi’s hands in marriage, Lord Vishnu did not deviate from his duty of helping devas.

Finally came out the young and beautiful… 434 more words

Hindu Mythology

Kurma Avatar - 3

When the Lord himself took the avatar of Kurma and started churning the ocean, first came a fierce poison called halahala. It was so uncontrollable and fiercely that it started spreading to all the 3 worlds, engulfing them completely. 490 more words


Kurma Avatar - 2

Lord Vishnu who took the Kurma Avatar, was actually enjoying the Samudra Manthan so much. Why would he not, when the movement of such a big mountain with its base on his back was actually making him feel very sleepy. 358 more words

Hindu Mythology

Kurma Avatar

Kurma avatar is the second of the Dashavatar. In this incarnation, Vishnu took the form of a tortoise to help the gods. But He had a selfish motive too. 615 more words

Hindu Mythology

Varaha Avatar and Varaha Charama Slokam

Every Avatar of Lord Vishnu has an objective. If we look at the incarnations from a bird’s eye view, we will see one story in each incarnation- the story that has been handed over to us through the generations. 261 more words