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Ula house & Avatar

I love the red and gold theme!
Most houses are pink and light blue, etc. So this is refreshing!

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McCain and Trump Agree on ONE THING

They both hated Avatar. McCain for the satire on military operations, Trump for the sharing/caring feel good message and lack of will to bulldoze paradise to put up a parking lot (ie. 90 more words


Varaha Avatar

All of us know that Varaha is the 3rd Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He incarnated as the Varaha Avatar (The Boar) to save Bhoomi Devi/Mother Earth from an Asura – Hiranyakshan who grabbed Her and hid Her in the Ocean. 558 more words


Whats Happening With James Cameron's Avatar 2

Five years — blockbusting appetites have changed from reality-altering drama pieces like “Black Swan” and James Bond flicks with soul but no story. Now its all about superheros, and Bond is one of the most prestigious, anticipated action films and David Fincher, director of “Alien 3″ and “Fight Club” is this generations Hitchcock, it can turn quick, and Avatar 2 doesn’t change.  353 more words

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Avatar 2 Official Release Date!James Cameron Will Not Disappoint!

20th Century Fox has confirmed that James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is all set for a 2017 release!

Cameron confessed in an interview with Associated Press that the scripting process required his extreme focus and that the 2016 release date was overtly ambitious on the part of the whole team.Cameron has struggled while shooting all three sequels simultaneously. 293 more words


Line Play, End of June

I got all the days! I missed a few days so I wasn’t sure I’d get this!

I need to check this gacha out! New CanCam gacha! 81 more words

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