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Line Play, End of June

I got all the days! I missed a few days so I wasn’t sure I’d get this!

I need to check this gacha out! New CanCam gacha! 81 more words

Line Play

My House on Line Play

I’m planning to change my house for summer! It’s June 21st!!!

Also if you want a cute house like this, please join playing with me! My name is minoto on Line Play! 40 more words

Line Play

Mochibear Avatar

Again I feel like her avatar is so perfectly Sugar Bon Bon style! It’s so clean and effortless!

Line Play

Lacey - Betch Avatar

I think her style is just so perfectly Sugar Bon Bon! I think I need to try this style out too!

Line Play

Stephy.Mei house

I just love all the cute animals she’s collected! I also like her avatar!

Line Play

ネコ Avatar

I wish I had this much fashion sense in real life! This avatar is so lacey and stylish!

Line Play

Line Play gacha

Omg so happy! This is my second animated gacha item!

I got some cash from the Google Rewards app and got some Donald Duck items ^^ love the free special item!!! 43 more words

Line Play