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Resistance and Fear as Part of the Program of Duality

Everything in creation is programmed with at least a small amount of resistance. Resistance creates time; time allows experience; experience fuels evolution. If some form of resistance were not present, everything would follow its primal and powerful desire — drawn like a moth to a flame — to dissolve back into Oneness. 108 more words


The Illusion of Control

…control is an illusion—you never have had control. From the level of the lower self, you have been controlled by the system of beliefs to which you have unconsciously given your allegiance. 150 more words


The Beloved

Jake Sully: She talks about a network of energy that flows through all living things. She says that the energy is only borrowed; one day you have to give it back. 116 more words


The Dark Night of the Soul

Personal empowerment does not mean power over anyone or over any situation, or even control over your life; it is the acceptance of the fullness of your being, a state of cooperation and alignment with all of its aspects. 177 more words


Breaking the Spell

Social media has prepared us for community thinking by giving us a way to express our opinions and individuality within a virtual social structure; as we do, we learn that our actions within a community can have consequences (good or bad) and thus we learn transparency. 100 more words


Are You Afraid You are Losing Your Mind?

…Are you afraid you are losing your mind? Don’t blame your ego: it is simply unbalanced. In these extreme times, it has effectively gone mad. Without the intuition and love of its sacred partner, the Heart/Right-Brain, the Ego-Mind can only go around in smaller and smaller circles, like a dog chasing its own tail. 72 more words


The Code of Eden

was particularly interested, as a student of affairs, in the way the valley population was governed; it appeared, on examination, to be a rather loose and elastic autocracy operated from the lamasery with a benevolence that was almost casual. 562 more words