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Avatar May Have 4 Sequels?

Avatar is the highest grossing movie that was ever made and we’re still waiting on movie #2! Now there’s talks about it being a quadrilogy? A few months back, the plan was to release Avatar 2 in 2017, followed by Avatar 3 and 4 in 2018 and finally Avatar 4 in 2019. 39 more words


Definition of Avatar

Definition: An avatar is something used to represent you in an online environment. This is usually in the form of a small picture. Usually it is something that you can upload yourself, however sometimes it is something you “build” on the site to represent you. 65 more words



Chelz: (*to Amber) Anywayz…

andre.W: Not now, Chelz. Okay? OKAY?! Gad.

.gas.: Chelz says you can “get a life.” Amber says you need to “stop being such a little b—.” 162 more words

Give This A Rest, Lady!

Week 4 - Mise en Scène - Acting and Acting Styles

Actors are generally known for some trait, characteristic, or style that they bring to the screen.  Most of us do not realize that acting and acting style are both components of mise en scène.  888 more words


Another Live Action Avatar The Last Airbender Movie?

I know What you’re all thinking, its to soon, but to get us all over the awful piece of film making brought to us by the awful director M Night Shyamalan, we need to another Avatar movie, weather it be Ang or Kora. 46 more words


Week 3 – Mise en Scène – Sound

This week we are discussing sound, which is crucial to modern film making.  It can literally mean the success or failure of a film.  We will be using the above video clip from from the movie Avatar, titled “The Hallelujah Mountains” for this discussion.  988 more words


Week 2 - Mise en Scène - Lighting

This week we will be discussing one of the most important aspects of mise en scène – lighting.  Normally we think of props, costumes, or even the set itself as what make up mise en scène, especially if we are watching a play or musical, or even a CGI or animated film.  1,469 more words