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Setting the Stage for 20/3D Vision

Allow me to set the scene.

It’s December 8, 2011 and the 5th season and 11th episode (“The Speckerman Recurrence”) of The Big Bang Theory… 555 more words

Writing Avatar: The Last Airbender

In which, while re-watching Avatar: TLA, I decided to write out the opening scene to the series in novel format. I don’t own Avatar in any form, nor am I inferring that I do. 533 more words

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Avatar 2 Will Introduce A Whole New 3D Experience.

The first Avatar film was released when 3D was hitting cinemas all over the world in a massive way, giving film fans a whole new cinema experience but thanks to the huge advancement in technology it looks as though Avatar 2 won’t require 3D glasses. 323 more words


Sketch of History

Quickly setting my thoughts down to order them ahead of this weekend’s Lakeland Ultimate Trails 55k which I’ll be running in.  If I don’t do this the current sketch of the history will just keep churning around in my head, so I’m hoping this will serve as a brief foundation from which to refine and evolve the Craftworld’s history. 890 more words


Beach Bears

Today I had a lot of fun with fooling myself – I saw a bunch of very cute bears in beach attire – I thought about deco and haven’t read carefully —  hahaha  — when I unpacked them and opened the folders I got aware they are little bear avas – I really had to think about and I really have worn each and took photos. 292 more words


Disney Benders

Some artists are just full of amazing ideas.
In fact, artist cartooncookie is back at it again with the mash-ups! This time featuring Disney characters in the world of Avatar: The Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra. 140 more words