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The Na'vi: The Leviathan of Leviathans

The Na’vi in Avatar, are Leviathans. They are large organisms that take the role of the sovereign power in relation to the other animals on Pandora. 357 more words

The Leviathan....It's Everywhere

Esther Quintanilla

The film Avatar, directed by James Cameron expresses many different ideas that show how the human, and many other species, submit to their own form of a Leviathan. 205 more words

Avatar (11/28)

Avatar: Rebirth and Leviathan

The primary characteristic of James Cameron’s Avatar is the ability of humans to project their minds into a Na’avi avatar, using cutting-edge science and technology to do so, which Jake Sully must utilize to convince the Na’avi people to leave their native land in order for the humans to mine a precious mineral. 132 more words

What is Second Life to me?

When I started to mull over the idea of creating this blog, it took me a while to come to grips from what I wanted from it…..but I knew I wanted to be able to share bits of both my physical and virtual experiences. 697 more words

Second Life

The never ending Leviathan

In the James Cameron Movie “Avatar”, the viewer is introduced to a character named Jake Sully, who undergoes many decisions in his life that causes him to come face to face with the different layers of different leviathans.   409 more words


The Avatar & the Leviathan

Crystal Yun

In the movie ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron, Jake Sully is the main character who is assigned to infiltrate the world of the Na’vi people for the military. 156 more words

Avatar (11/28)

Forest and Mind

By: Leena Beddawi

James Cameron’s Avatar  depicts a universe where humans have the ability to transfer their conscious minds into an avatar of a Na’vi body. 648 more words