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Avatars: Virtual Expression

As educators search for effective uses of technology in the classroom, it is apparent that on many instances the answers are found within the students. As a one to one computing teacher, it is clear that avatars are popular among young people. 240 more words

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Star Hunters, Be Prepared! Monsters Are Invading Buzzmath

New avatars available for Halloween

Midnight, the witching hour. The monsters have invaded Buzzmath with their terrible and scary looks. Their mission? To scare the happy little world of BuzzCity to collect mountains of candies and goodies. 271 more words

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Is the Gravatar account important for every Internet Marketer?

http://www.bloggingden.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Is-the-Gravatar-account-important-for-every-Internet-Marketer.png Gravatar is the specially created site for every blogger/ internet marketers. Every blogger must have this Gravatar account. If you write an opinion in the commenting system of your favorite blog post, the gravatar helps you to display your image with your Name in the comment. 24 more words

Joey Tribbiani Has Become "Virtually Immortalized" (And Could Make New "Friends" Episodes Forever)

Of course, we heard this old line back when highly realistic 3D animation was a first a thing—that celebrities could digitally “live forever” and, in theory, continue to make new movies regardless of advanced age or even death. 194 more words


Nathan R – Being Groped in VR

((trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault))

Hi All,

I came across this article and I thought it was worth passing on. It’s about a sexual assault in virtual reality. 51 more words

Saturday at Bohannon's.

Came on late tonight and took myself to Bohannon for some late night music, with the great dj Devine playing great tunes to everyone who came here to dance and have a great time. 13 more words

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Women's Halloween Costume Showcase

Don’t get caught wearing last year’s costume to the Halloween party in There.com! Dress up your avatar in a fresh new costume from the Auctions. 34 more words