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Avaya Aura System Manager Web Services

Ask ten IT professionals what excites them about today’s communication technology and you might hear ten different answers. Some folks get all worked up about video and will bore you to tears with their thoughts on H.264 vs. 167 more words


Avaya’s SDN FX helps business to enable in Unified Access and IoT

Avaya has announced an addition to the company’s SDN Fx architecture to help bring businesses one step closer to enabling Unified Access and the Internet of Things – minus the disruption found in many major technology transitions. 260 more words


Avaya Telephone - Midtown Manhattan, NY

Yesterday, I went to New York City on a bus trip to hang around Midtown Manhattan. We only about 6 or less hours to hang out, and we arrived and departed in the Midtown neighborhood. 113 more words


My Collection - Definity CMC/csi Carrier

This is my new setup for my Definity PBX as mentioned earlier.  I was able to put this on some new plywood drilled it into the wall and was able to put the system on without it falling (although I almost had a couple runins where I started to use not so gentleman like language.) I got 3 screws (one on the far right, another 24″ down to the left and a third one as a secure layer plus a couple others to just hold the board in place. 145 more words


AT&T Technical Journal Jan 1985/System 75 Tell All, Carrier Switches

In 1984, AT&T started to market their new digital (fully digital that is) PBX called the System 75. The System 75 was a fully new system that could handle infinite technologies such as ISDN, PRI, T-1, and later IP and packet switching. 456 more words


AT&T Technical Journal Jan 1985/System 75 Tell All, Attendant Console

Some things don’t change. Sometimes familiarity you shouldn’t mess around with.

In this case, the operator switchboard or Attendant Console as remained mostly the same since 1984, first released for the System 75 PBX. 432 more words


Avaya Alive Detective Office

Avaya Alive

AvayaLive Engage supports your formal, informal and social learning needs – transfer the buzz and energy of physical classrooms – into sessions that are collaborative, active, and in-the-moment. 191 more words

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