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Teaching Mom About PaaS

Here’s a little something I posted on TalkingPointz.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t born in Missouri, I am very much a “show me” kind of a guy. 335 more words


Telephony Art: AUDIX Cabinet, circa 1985

As a standard operating procedure at the Museum, I typically send thank you cards to certain people who have helped contribute to the site. As you have read earlier in February, 156 more words


POTD: Avaya 8403 - 34th Street Macy's, NYC

I thought this was an 8410. Till I zoomed in. I did see 8410s (ether D or B as in Blank) throughout the 34th Street Macy’s.


POTD: Macy's 34th Street - Avaya Red 8403 DCP Terminal

Yesterday, I posted pics from my trip to Manhattan on Saturday. To my surprise I saw a lot of Avaya Red terminals despite Cisco selling VOIP sets like they are generic IP devices that corporate accounts pay little to none (allegedly) for. 195 more words

Zang From the Inside Out

When I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s, the big question of the day was “Mary Ann or Ginger?”  Being the fairly wholesome, innocent child that I was, my answer was always the same – Mary Ann.  200 more words


Alternative Putty Tunnel

Following on from my post The Putty Tunnel If you need to create an ssh tunnel on a browser that doesn’t have foxy proxy installed then here is an alternative way to do it. 109 more words


The future of ANI/ALI in NG911 Networks

What is ANI?

ANI is Automatic Number Identification. The ANI is a 10-digit Telephone Number (TN)  associated with a device originating a 9-1-1 call. The ANI may be the actual number of a device, such as at your home; it may be a number that represents your Billing Telephone Number (BTN). 1,198 more words

NG911 Solutions