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BIG STONE GAP! The movie edition and HUGE Giveaway!

Attention Adriana Trigiani fans! We will be chatting with Adriana LIVE on the Reading With Robin page… 88 more words


God, That's Good!  (Day 12)

The best meal in Paris is at Ave Maria. Yes, we’ve only been here six days; no, we haven’t eaten everywhere. But–all hyperbole aside–the meal we ate there on Saturday night may be the best meal I’ve eaten in my life. 203 more words


Robo-dinosaur as hotel clerk, bring on Robo-Pope in biblical churches

So, another development from Japan. The much in demand (?) robot dinosaur hotel clerk.

I have been thinking, for some time now, about government robots in churches.  259 more words

Hitler’s War – The Last Christian Crusade

The great deception of WW2 was to fool all Christians of the allied forces to fight for communism against the Christian armies of Germany and her Christian allies.

Dennis Wise’s YouTube Channel

National Socialism

RAI-FACTOR: il Concorso secondo me

Tutti contro tutti. Giornalisti che studiano altri giornalisti, che intervistano altri giornalisti, che giudicano altri giornalisti.
Fine. Calato il sipario sulla prima prova del Concorso pubblico per trovare 100 nuovi dipendenti RAI… 446 more words

Nighttime Churchtime at Ave Maria

Yesterday night I was angry. Certain factors seemed to just bundle up and explode. I wanted to punch something sooo badly, but I didn’t have a punching bag. 178 more words

Ave Maria

Salsa Tequila --> Party Dancing

I never thought I would get over party anxiety.  Throughout college without fail I would leave parties feeling really, really bad about myself—even the Catholic ones.  452 more words

Ave Maria