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John Aubrey: The Man who ‘Discovered’ Avebury | FragmeNTs

On 7 January 1649  John Aubrey  wit, raconteur, and sometime antiquary was out hunting with friends when he chanced upon a north Wiltshire village. What he stumbled upon there – and more impor… 9 more words

United Kingdom

What Europeans Get Wrong About Visiting the United States

And what we get wrong when visiting them.

Europeans really have no clue how big America is, do they? I’ll give you an example in a moment. 742 more words


Threads Exhibition at Salisbury Art Centre + Avebury Stone Circle.

I took a trip down to Salisbury the other day to deliver my work to Salisbury Art Centre. Their open exhibition this year is a textile based extravaganza and I’m really pleased to have some work selected – “Peril at Sea”  and 3 of my Shaman birds. 83 more words

The Trouble with Druids

I was thinking, at Druid Camp, that my initial impression of druids was not favourable.

I grew up a half hour bus journey from Avebury. When I was 18 I spent each of the 8 neo-pagan Festivals camping in Avebury. 853 more words


More Than a Social Animal

Review – John Aubrey: My Own Life by Ruth Scurr 1,317 more words


Snippits: Avebury Stones and Manor

The stones of Avebury were given UNESCO World Heritage status in 1986, along with Stonehenge and ‘other associated sites’. An example of Neolithic England they were thought to be built between 2850BC and 2200BC as a ceremonial site.  520 more words


Britain’s pre-Stonehenge megaliths were aligned by astronomers

University of Adelaide research has for the first time statistically proven that the earliest standing stone monuments of Britain, the great circles, were constructed specifically in line with the movements of the Sun and Moon, 5000 years ago. 559 more words