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Bradford on Avon

Phyllis and I have spent the last week visiting our wonderful friends, Paul and June Bailey, at Bradford on Avon (not to be confused with the Bradford of North England or the Avon of Stratford on Avon). 55 more words


Avebury. 2013.

There are so many mysterious things in Avebury. Come and admire them in person if you can.

Sony Xperia



Assignment 5 contact sheets

Imber images – click on a thumbnail to expand. 88 more words


Seeing the stones

So, the stone markers are in place now for the whole of the Avebury site, and I’ve started adding vegetation, flowers etc. Still loads more to do – a summer of stone creation lies ahead :-) This video shows how the stone positions have been marked, using a scale map.

How about some low impact guardianship at Britain's flagship sites?

This morning, 9th May, this flock of 150 sheep will walk from the megalithic site at Carnac to the megalithic site at Locmariaquer. The animals feed on the vegetation on the megalithic sites of the area and thus contribute to their maintenance. 72 more words


DRAFT assignment 5 images for peer review

Draft post for peer review only. Work will be presented in a spiral bound card book with each pair shown on  double page spread. Captions will not be those shown here, but will be related quotes from media/government/press. 242 more words


4th May 1900. Digging the Past.

Augustus Henry Pitt Rivers who died Today in 1900 was one of the great Victorians.

Trained as a soldier he was an early pioneer of scientific archaeology by moving the study away from mindless treasure hunting to demonstrating that all artefacts, even the most menial, are vital in piecing together knowledge of pre-history. 402 more words