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Foot of Avebury Down, Avebury - interim report

If you’ve been following our progress on the Living with Monuments Project you might like to take a look at the interim report for our 2017 excavations at the Foot of Avebury Down –    Avebury_Down_2017_interim_report.


LAMMAS- Harvest and Community

I am writing this with the Full Moon just behind and on the day of Lammas- the first harvest moment on the wheel of the year and a Cross Quarter. 860 more words


Vitruvian Lines - Part 3

In the previous post, I spoke of how well the role of an ‘outlier’ would suit those who fit within the square, rather than the circle of Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man – the sensitive people who are more comfortable on the fringes of a society. 717 more words


Human Henge Press - December 2017

The role of ancient landscapes in mental health 

by Liz Williams

Modern celebrants have been convening at the ancient site of Stonehenge in Wiltshire for many years now: revivalist Druids of the early 20th century, hippies of the 1960s and 70s, New Age travelers and political activists, and modern Pagans have all gathered at the summer and winter solstices to hold free music festivals, conduct rituals, hold raves, and simply acknowledge the turning points of the year. 171 more words

Ancient Landscapes

Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire are home to a number of noteworthy landscapes from Avebury, to Stonehenge, Beacon Hill, Clarendon Palace, Old Sarum, Wood henge, and many more. 176 more words


How are you feeling?

If you want to know what your thoughts were like yesterday then check how your body feels today

– Indian proverb

Hence today’s title. So how am I feeling?

174 more words
Have The Best Year Of Your Life