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Summer Empties!

We are now officially in the fall season! While I love the sunshine and warm weather, nothing beats the crisp fall air. Today I’m sharing with you quite a few things that I’ve used up over the course of the summer. 651 more words

September 2015 Empties

I did not particularly mean to disappear for most of the week. However, my first application for graduate school is due next week, and wanting enough time to get everything submitted (ideally everything will be paid for and sent out tomorrow,) the time I haven’t spent working or drafting essays (two of which I’d finished and decided I didn’t like so I just started again from scratch, so I may be insane,) I haven’t felt like writing. 105 more words


Beauty Tips for Eczema

I have had eczema for my entire life. If you’re not familiar with what eczema is, it’s pretty much very dry, flaky skin. Many times, it flares up most during the winter months, coming up right around the corner. 294 more words

Empties Review: Replace or Repurchase #7

Happy Empties! These are all of the empties I collected during my 100 Day No-Buy (you can see things I purged as well here). I normally do a review on all of my empties, but I have a lot for this round, so I’m just going to review some of the highlights. 328 more words


Favors, the cake topper, and a Travel Together Forever Pandora charm

Here’s a pic of my favors. I lumped the Aveenos and lip balms together at the bottom for the pic but I’m thinking of putting them in a little basket. 113 more words

What's in my Makeup Bag?

Hi guys! Welcome back (:

So I’ve decided to create a post about the items in my beloved makeup bag. I thought maybe the contents of my makeup bag will help you guys get to know me better :D. 213 more words


Empties: September 2015

Howdy folks! I say howdy because if you live in Texas long enough, you start becoming less shy and more comfortable with greeting everyone with a good ol’ fashioned howdy. 1,686 more words