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Is an American arms company trying to sell the Canadian government a drone the US military doesn't want

Is General Atomics trying to sell a drone to Canada that the US military doesn’t want?

General Atomics says that it is hoping to sell its ‘Avenger’ drone to the Canadian military to fulfill the Arctic surveillance role that has been identified by Project JUSTAS, the inept programme of the Canadian government to acquire drones for military use. 284 more words


Confessions: Reasons Why Antman is so Adorable

Disclaimer: There are some movie snippets and hints

They say little things are adorable things. Do you think Antman proved you that he is capable of being adorable? 427 more words


Transportation | Unique Formation

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

Aerobatic champion Rob Holland inverted over a TBM Avenger.

By StevenSerdikoff

Source: 500px.com


Marvel's interesting approach to market their smallest Avenger 'Ant-man'.

Marvel’s next superhero is very different from his counterparts and marvel knows this. This is evident in the marketing strategy for ‘Ant-man’. Lets take a look at it. 336 more words


Watch, whats the JOKER doing ???

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MORE All-New All-Different Marvel Titles Announced

Hello everyone! Marvel announced even more titles coming this October! It’s time to analyze it so,….

Let’s go!


Blade is back! Ish. This Blade will be a girl, but wait up there you “why can’t you create a new character that’s female” readers, because this Blade will be the daughter of the original vampire hunter. 262 more words