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Nick Spencer vs. The World

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 has been released, and as a direct consequence, users of the internet have collectively lost their minds. Spoilers (that you’ve already seen everywhere on twitter) follow the jump. 1,008 more words


The Welcome Death of Marvel Comics

It’s a comfort to know that comic books no longer hold the mass appeal that they did in an earlier age. For the most-part, you need to travel to a specialist shop as they are no longer available off the rack at the local drug store. 869 more words

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Captain America~ Civil War~ Review~

So, I finally went and saw Civil war, took me long enough. Anyway, I figured I should do a review. Spoiler free of course. ;) 483 more words

Why are all the superhero's old enough to be grandparents

I watched the new Captain America.  The movie is supposed to feature people at the top of their athletic game.  They’re superheroes fer chrissakes, yet they’re almost all too old to be professional athletes anymore. 300 more words

TWICE Release 'Avengers' Version Of "Cheer Up" Which Is Disappointingly Free Of Avengers

Because TWICE has decided that there is literally no such thing as too many music videos, the group has released a new choreography version of their latest effort “Cheer Up” which has our future overlords dressing up in the costumes from their “Cheer Up” MV for the whole performance. 101 more words

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Hulk's Reality

Bruce Banner is the Avenger that I relate to most. Though he is incredibly intelligent (see what I did there?) and when he goes green he can beat up Superman, he also represents your average guy. 421 more words