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Captain America Civil War: The Team Cap Review

Every once in a while I’ll ask people to write their own reviews para naman may ibang perspective. Right now¬†we have my friend Nicco, a Filipino banker currently based in Singapore. 994 more words


IRONMAN vs OPTIMUS PRIME - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 18)

The Invincible Iron Man faces off against the Transformer Optimus Prime. To see one of the heads of The Avengers face off against the Leader of the AutoBots is epic. 9 more words

Marvel Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight!

Release: 2015 / Marvels Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight
TV or Movie: Movie

New Avengers Animated Movie


Avenging the Celestial

Although I am a Marvel zombie rather than a DC fanboy (hell, I don’t even know whether they have a special nickname), I tend to avoid the more cosmic adventures. 510 more words


Review: Captain America: Civil War

Team Iron Man represent. Also, Spider-Man. SPIDER-MAN.

I won’t judge you if you side with old man Cap, but seriously, Iron Man’s posse is much, MUCH cooler. 1,712 more words


Captain America: Civil War

Soon after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the threat of unrestrained superheroes is once again the subject of hot debate. With a charter set up to bring the superhero team under the control of the United Nations, Captain America goes rogue in protest and it’s left to Tony Stark to bring him in, with the help of a few of his friends… 490 more words


Captain America Civil War - Film Review

So, Civil War is out.

There’s a bit to say, but not too much. It isn’t one of those films that is particularly deep, or that you could write essays about. 1,421 more words

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