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Agnes Obel, Citizen of Glass, Out Friday 21st October

A perennial BBC 6Music favourite, Agnes Obel is returning with her third album Citizen of Glass. Having impressed audiences and critics in her native Denmark and other countries in Europe with her debut album, … 274 more words


Central Asian Generals

Finished a couple of command stands for my Central Asian stuff.  But before we get to that, a couple of mood pieces:

Bad mood that is.  188 more words


26/4/16 -Aventine and Testaccio

This Mithraeum (sometimes named the Mithraeum of the Circus Maximus due to its proximity to the famous public space) dates from the second/third century AD. Below I have attempted to reconstruct the colours that would have adorned the marble relief dedicated to Mithras, showing him slaying the bull.

Middle Imperial Roman Auxilia

My friend Joe painted a couple of units of Auxilia for me.  These are notionally eastern auxilia units, recently recruited, unarmoured with helmets of local manufacture, but Roman shields.  126 more words


Aventine Central Asian Cavalry

I have more of these done also, but this is the first complete group of 12.  They are a mix of Sogdian horse archers, eastern Sassanid command, and steppe nobles.  333 more words


Aventine Turks

Nothing like the start of a new army.

I’ve started working on a Central Asian force using Aventine figures.  These two come from their range of steppe cavalry nobles.  214 more words


Painting a Republican Roman Army 1

With the review and nearly finishing the 2nd unit I was reflecting on how I want to record the development of the collection. I thought about just doing what I always do and put up posts with pictures of completed units, however, I already do that on forums and Facebook. 1,167 more words