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Aventine Central Asian Cavalry

I have more of these done also, but this is the first complete group of 12.  They are a mix of Sogdian horse archers, eastern Sassanid command, and steppe nobles.  333 more words


Aventine Turks

Nothing like the start of a new army.

I’ve started working on a Central Asian force using Aventine figures.  These two come from their range of steppe cavalry nobles.  214 more words


Painting a Republican Roman Army 1

With the review and nearly finishing the 2nd unit I was reflecting on how I want to record the development of the collection. I thought about just doing what I always do and put up posts with pictures of completed units, however, I already do that on forums and Facebook. 1,167 more words

A is for...Agnes Obel

I love Agnes Obel’s music, I find it beautiful and haunting and there is always a song to reflect my state of mind. It really relaxes me because of that. 87 more words


Triarii Unit and Review of Victrix Republican Roman Kits.

As those who follow the blog know that this month I began the dream of building a Roman army, more specifically a Republican Roman army.  6 months earlier I purchased a bulk lot of Victrix Republican Romans from war and peace games in Sydney as well as a few Aventine Miniatures to complement them.   1,009 more words

Republican Romans and Finished Spartan Unit

This Month I want to get the first units of Republican Romans Painted, I am starting with a Unit of Triarii.  Continuing on with my theme of  mixing ranges that I think will work well together, I have taken Aventine Miniature command models and mixed them with Victrix Plastics. 262 more words