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Joes vs. Pros

Every average Joe would love to feel what it is like to be a Pro. But lets be honest, they most likely wont be able to. 541 more words


Interview: Average Joe Gets Lesson On Crumpets, Accents And Touring With Meghan Trainor From Life Of Dillon

English trio Life Of Dillon took time out of their American takeover to stop in the tiniest production studio ever to chat with our own Average Joe. 68 more words


Go Ahead and Ask

One thing to stay away from in life is False Witnessing. To avoid this the best thing to do is ask. Ask whatever questions you have to in order to get the answers you need. 35 more words


Life hacking with wine – lessons to improve happiness drunken scientist style

… security experts will be disappointed. And the therapists, them too… They’re going to have to wait in line for it, just like everybody else. This is the right way to show the wrong effects of good wine on the human brain, the before, during and after shots. 3,816 more words


NFL Team Offends Women (Not Browns)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers launched a “class” to help women understand football, and some people are calling it sexist.

“Red: The Buccaneers’ Women’s Movement” gives women… 26 more words


PIC: Chagrin Falls Man Runs On Highway Naked

Imagine if you’re stuck in traffic, you see flashing lights, you wonder what happened.  Then, and naked man runs past your car trying to avoid state troopers.  23 more words


Kevin Bacon Wants More Male Nudity In Hollywood

In a mock PSA, Kevin Bacon wants people to “FreeTheBacon”…or #FreeTheBacon.  He says male actors want to be naked too.  As guys, we know it’s not a pretty site, so I’d love to know if any ladies agree with this.

See his hilarious video HERE