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Basics of Christianity: Authenticity of the Bible

I could talk about the immense reverence the ancient Hebrew scribes had for their Bible(the Old Testament).

I could speak about their stringent standards for the parchment(animal skins) and the ink used on the manuscripts, even the personal hygiene of the copyists. 715 more words


Starbucks, Schipol Airport

I know, I know… another bloody Satanbucks?!? depresssingly this is the fourth time I’ve posted about them (Japan, Leith Walk & Suvarnabhumi Airport… 58 more words


Basics of Christianity: The Beginning

The beginning is always a good place to start.  For me, the beginning is God.  I don’t mean that the beginning is something else for someone else.  669 more words


You Asked For It!

Hey guys! :)

So after some of the great feedback and requests I have received regarding SEO and navigating WordPress, I have decided to go with it and offer my help. 43 more words

Starbucks Coffee, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

so, while hanging around Suvarnabhumi airport, waiting for our flight home, we ended up in Starbucks (I know, I know..)once again, I’m disappointed that this is the only place we can get soy milk… we’d have been more than happy to go to a local and/or independent (then again, the… 41 more words


Rankled Doll

Rankled Doll   in a corner of my lonely room lies a doll rankled and torn she don’t know much about what’s going on but she’s sure these wounds won’t heal rankle…

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It has been a while since I last posted, but I’m not broke or even worse…dead. So it’s always immensely enjoyable to be back again. Although I’ve been feeling a little blues about writing and investing, I will always return to an old place that I love. 427 more words

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