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Busy! It's the four-letter word that describes my life right now.

Man-oh-man, have I been busy! It’s one thing after another. Relationship difficulties, dog having puppies, children in a car accident(but thankfully walk away unharmed), sketchy neighbors, and more money going out than coming in…BUT, I have a roof over my head, good food in my belly, love of family and friends, and a smile on my face. 83 more words

Chris Guillebeau, Conformity and Average Life

Chris Guillebeau is an American author who writes books on        entrepreneurship like The $ 100 Startup, The Art of Non Conformity etc. In his book on Art of Non Conformity he talks about 11 things that an person do to remain average in his life. 113 more words

Far From Perfect: except my curls-they are on fleek

Let me stop you right there. You may get the wrong impression about me, I’m not perfect or live a perfect life. Seems I have a habit of only sharing the good in my life and that paints a really off-balance picture of what it’s like to be me. 792 more words

The Tangled Web of Social Media

If there was one thing that stands between me and absolute simplicity I would point my finger at social media (otherwise known as The Great Devourer of Time).  633 more words

Clearing Mental Clutter

Happiness in being so average

Lately, a lot of my friends and acquaintances have been saying things like they would never want a “normal” life. Or that people who chose the “normal” path are just choosing what they are told to chose, and not what they… 790 more words


[HW 2.1a] About Loans

1a. Bond

You are a financial analyst at AirBnB.  You need to raise 10 year money.  At 10am, you attend a meeting with AirBnB’s investment banker, Morgan Stanley, in which they are encouraging Uber to issue a bond.  395 more words