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Happiness in being so average

Lately, a lot of my friends and acquaintances have been saying things like they would never want a “normal” life. Or that people who chose the “normal” path are just choosing what they are told to chose, and not what they… 790 more words


You would think..

.. that after four cups of espresso I’d have to be peeled off of the ceiling by my wife but no, here I am nodding off again.

Moar sleep please!


[HW 2.1a] About Loans

1a. Bond

You are a financial analyst at AirBnB.  You need to raise 10 year money.  At 10am, you attend a meeting with AirBnB’s investment banker, Morgan Stanley, in which they are encouraging Uber to issue a bond.  395 more words


If I stick to it will it get easier?

For me setting up a blog as this one is easy but the hardest thing about it is two things: how to describe myself to virtual strangers and just getting the inertia to write anything down even if it’s all typing. 197 more words

The Average Life Plan

Being surrounded by high-achievers and success stories my whole life, it’s put the rest of my life into perspective… well at least the first few years of the “real world”. 893 more words

My Best Self

Today I had to look through some photos from a few years ago to find a photo of myself (and only myself) to send in for a conference. 789 more words