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Thoughtful Notes

I found a note folded under my windshield wipers today. Did someone hit my car? Am I being bombarded by political fliers?

I opened the note and… nope, that’s from my dad.


How Sweet

I worked a last minute wedding, but the cookies were adorable. As a younger wedding guest once said, “have love.”

Average Life

Average Life

A few months ago I had a lot of fun being the cinematographer on this dramedy short called, Average Life, the CEO of Prodis Enterprises loses everything after a bad earnings report. 17 more words

Blog Posts

Thinking differently...

Is it just me who always thinks about things in another way..? probably haha. I know none of you probably understand what I mean about this, but I don’t know about you but i always think about stuff differently. 346 more words

Average, at best.

Have you ever looked at your life and thought “Yeah, this is pretty sweet, this is good, and I’m doing alright here.” No, me neither. Has there ever been a time that you can honestly remember when life… 263 more words

Who knew i'd get this lonely.

Okay. Starting fresh. I just wrote an entire 3 paragraphs of me hating my life and how talent-less I am then I deleted it because it was way too dark for a first blog post. 386 more words