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Average house price in the South East now £266,729
Average house price in the South West now £197,085
Average Semi-detached home in England & Wales now £178,746… 17 more words



You’re a ghost of my past seeping into my present. You’re making your way into my future and you’re ghosting me now. You’re real. I can touch you, feel you, but I see right through you. 105 more words

What Have I Been Doing?: Unfollow

Facebook: the latest example of what happens when you put a brilliant idea in the hands of fools.

Since I was 16 and Facebook started to become popular, I’ve been on and off the social network a few times. 472 more words


4 expensive surprises when building your tiny home

With the average new home price in the U.S. coming in at more than $350,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, some people are scaling down. 52 more words

Asia is entering a post-mobile society. Here's what to do about it

(Source: e27.co)

Taipei-based technology company Appier today released a report declaring that with a well-documented regional penchant for owning multiple devices, Asia has now entered a post-mobile era. 662 more words


Run From Average!

As a CrossFit affiliate owner and coach I recently had the opportunity to work with some men and women who have graduated from drug and alcohol rehabs. 499 more words