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To release greatness, you must chain fear. When you chain fear you release boldness.

Fear chains you to one place that makes moving forward impossible and going back to the starting point, very simple. 242 more words

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The Average Movie Ticket Price

The cost of going to the movies just went…

The average movie ticket price ROSE to $8.65 in 2016. But on the plus side, it’s only 3% more than it was in 2015. 75 more words


Just Average

“You are not just the average of the 5 people around you.  You are the average of the:  1) 5 habits you do, 2) 5 foods you eat, 3) 5 ideas you have, and 4) content you consume.” -James Altucher

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Credit card users here own less plastic on average: Survey

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The number of credit cards that an individual owns declined to an average of four last year, from five in the previous year, according to online personal finance portal MoneySmart.sg. 624 more words

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On Being Average

When I was younger I found it almost unacceptable to think of myself as average.  The idea of being ‘average’ was on par with getting a ‘C’ grade in school or just disappearing into the background of a crowd.   205 more words

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