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Why Cash Is The Best Gift You Can Give This Wedding Season

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At this very moment we are smack dab in the middle of “wedding season.” What that really means for brides and grooms is we are in the midst of the… 279 more words

Money Matters

New launch review - Hundred Palms Residences

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Technologically savvy homeowners will appreciate the state of the art Smart Home System that Hundred Palms Residences has to offer. 254 more words

Money Matters

Not Hiding My Preparedness Anymore!

So when I created this part of my media business I was hesitant to hide the fact that I am a person who prepares for natural disasters, otherwise known as a prepare. 194 more words

Not Your Average Middle-Class Podcast

The Laws of Averages: Part 2, A Beam of Darkness

By Kip Hansen – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

This essay is second in a series of essays about Averages — their use and misuse.  My interest is in the logical and scientific errors, the informational errors, that can result from what I have playfully coined “The Laws of Averages”. 2,848 more words

CAGW Alarmism

The Importance Of Being Average Looking

In sixth grade, Seth H called me “ugly” on the back of the school bus. Before that, I had no idea. With my thick, developing body, my frizzy, brushed out curls, and my silver studded buck-tooth smile, I actually thought I was kinda pretty. 658 more words

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Focus on your best, forget the rest

As humans we constantly strive to better ourselves. This is a very noble quest to undertake. The question you should ask yourself is to what extent. 605 more words

Most adults overeat, many gain weight after starting work

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The average Singaporean today is heavier, more likely to overeat and – unsurprisingly – tends to put on weight once he enters the workforce. 437 more words

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