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Drinkable Yogurt Review LaLa vs. Chobani

Joshua Conner & LaLA

LaLa Greek Yogurt Smoothie

LaLa Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Chobani Drink Straw’Nana

Chobani Drink Straw’Nana

LaLa v Chobani

LaLa v Chobani

“No big secret, just loove yogurt,” said Jeffrey Donovan’s character Michael Westen in the drama action fiction series… 670 more words

Putting NEWS Into Newsgentpost

Craft Breweries Assist Above-Average Beer Drinkers

This week I’d like to explore the notion of ‘average’ and its marketing implications: the consumer’s belief that they are unique, their fear of appearing average and how marketers are using this trend. 593 more words

Digital Marketing

Law of Average

In Greece there is the story of Procrustes. He was an emperor. He was a very terrible emperor. He had his own custom. Procrustes was a great mathematician. 363 more words


Oh the places you'll go ... and be late for

Oh public transportation.  What a great and amazing mode of transportation.

Except for when it isn’t.  Like today.

I’m writing this post on a subway since my trip was extended a whole… 362 more words


Mediocre – This word is often synonyms like dull and common but the real question that comes to mind is whether anything is actually mediocre in any sense. 309 more words


Were you born to shine in one special way? What makes you really stand out?

I used to think I was born to shine in one special way. I used to think I was destined for greatness, however, I am starting to realize how mediocre I am as a human being. 54 more words

How to eat healthily on a budget

The average British household spends about 10 per cent of its income on food or almost £90 a week. That makes the weekly shop one of the biggest targets for people wanting to save money by cutting their outgoings. 139 more words