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the really pointless blog

So let’s be honest everyone has something to there blog…whether its fashion,quotes,lessons or advice but ive come to the conclusion that mine is rather pointless and that i should have something to it…except I don’t have much to offer in this blog or in life except the typical teenage banter about parents(which i no longer live with) relationship advice (hardly know anything but ive had a pretty stable relationship for the past 7  months and still going incredibly strong) 44 more words


Economics: Value-free, objective science?

Whenever a researcher runs a regression or does statistical interference or concludes something about data in general, she is using some set of values. Underlying any statistics is some measure of goodness or an objective function. 773 more words


Wednesday, 20th May 2015

I am finally dating Colin *woop woop*

I can’t believe how much long distance sucks. It really does. But I will survive. What do you even do in a relationship? 225 more words

Common Core is too hard because it's not for average kids

Average kids will eat what you put on the table. They have an average height, weight, and temperament. They’ll learn from anyone. They’re well-rounded and hit the academic and growth benchmarks almost always. 1,912 more words

Atlas Ed- Rogue Educator

Mediocre- A Poem


by Deborah Finnegan

Do we really want to be…
The middle of height.
No, not at all!
Barely adequate.
Why do we settle? 27 more words


Gas is weirdly expensive in this one part of the U.S.

West Coast drivers might be feeling like they’ve been left out of the cheap gas boom.

Despite sub-$3 gas all over the rest of the country, gas prices on the coast—and especially in California—have been skyrocketing. 130 more words


What People or Events Would You Drive Five Hours For?

This is a great way to measure how much you really love someone or something:  How far would you be willing to drive for them?  Keep in mind gas is really expensive, and the roads are full of idiot drivers.  111 more words