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Lesson#2: Making a table and learn SUM, AVERAGE, formatting table

We will learn how to make a table with a simple mark-sheet example and we will learn two very simple formulas, SUM and AVERAGE.

 This is a table I have made. 253 more words


First Average 

Hello good people! Ini adalah kumpulan review tentang kejadian disekitar kehidupan saya yang sangat standar dan average bangeeet! 😁

Tapi satu hal yang saya janjikan untuk saya bagikan, it’s all about good and positive things! 21 more words


Why Great Entrepreneurs Are Older Than You Think

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How old do you think someone should be for the best chance at entrepreneurial success?

If you said 20, or 22, or 25, you are not alone. 455 more words

Money Matters

365 Challenge: Day 248 - Medium

Medium: (a) halfway between two extremes of size or another quality; average, (b) psychic, or (c) an agency or means of doing something

I had a few items on my mind for today’s 365 Daily Challenge word, and when I thought about how to connect it together, the word ‘medium’ quickly came to mind. 802 more words

365 Day Challenge

Overall health Benefits Of Coffee

Regardless of whether you operate a construction organization, run a private ambulance enterprise, run a utility provider, or have a towing business enterprise, you probably have a fleet of vehicles that you want to get the job carried out. 324 more words

4=4, but 4≠1 : A Sociologist's Elementary Explanation of Average      

There is so very much talk about ‘the average’ as of late, especially in regard to the the ‘cut cut cut’ tax bill that’s being proposed I thought I’d explore what that… 405 more words

The 10 Happiest Six-Figure Jobs 2017

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In many careers today, you don’t have to choose between money and happiness. Jobs website CareerBliss released a list of the positions that pay $100,000 or more and have the happiest workers. 350 more words

Money Matters