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Employment Rates and Wages for American Registered Nurses

Are you looking into a career that’s chock full of benefits but is also versatile in terms of work environments? A career in nursing may just be… 513 more words

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My Name Is Not Alice

How does one address their first blog? I think there really isn’t a correct way or an incorrect way. I mean, to be fair,┬áif there was a right way, I probably would have started justbeingextrordinarilyaverage a long while ago. 862 more words


One week of mathematics, #2

The second day of mathematics was pretty good and in this post I am going to descreibe it. You can find the first day right… 328 more words


Don't Delay, Buy Today! Pre-Orders In The Game Industry

Pre-order culture is one of the most venomous vipers nestled in the games industry. A staple of the all too common ‘hype train’ that surrounds the release of the largest games. 973 more words


More Than Average

1% of the world’s population owns just about 50% of the world’s wealth.

If this fact does not leave you astonished…stop reading.

That 1% consists of people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Bloomberg. 510 more words

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Interesting Sites I Found on 02/01/2016

Toward A Better Markdown Tutorial

It’s always surprised me when people, especially technical people, say they don’t know Markdown. Do you not use GitHub? Stack Overflow? 586 more words


2015 IN REVIEW: Everything in Between That I've Seen

Finally! We’re on the films that I watched! I know. I’m excited, too! These are the middle of the road films I watched this year. They are neither awful nor great films that I watched in 2015. 12,085 more words

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