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"The Art of Being Average." A guest lesson by Brenna Cashen.

I, like I think a lot of other people, am deathly afraid of being average.

As my 22nd birthday approaches in less than two months (thanks Taylor Swift for making 22 a little less depressing), it’s hard not to think back on what my 12-year-old self thought I would have accomplished by now. 1,116 more words

A Year Of Lessons

10%? No Thanks, I'll Take 8%!

What if I told you that I had an investment that would pay you an average return of 25% per year for the next two years? 452 more words

Finance & Economics

Another Day In The Office

Well really not an office.

Hello again :)
So, where I live is a community garden. My mam helps keep it nice and tidy and is quite beautiful. 183 more words


Imperfection, at it's finest!

Let’s get one thing straight. I am NOT your Pinterest cookie cutter mommy.

Now that we have that out of the way I will tell you what I really am. 307 more words


A Journey to Find a Special Self

  • average family income
  • average family size
  • average personality
  • average appearance

I’m just a person that you can find around you easily. Not so noticeable, maybe a little easy to forget. 63 more words


The Typical Mauritian

So it has been a while since I wrote something, there were exams and all those stuffs coming at me at once, so it was kind of hard to actually manage my time and write something. 649 more words

Photography :)

So I am a “amateur photographer” as they call it. Basically I take photos of things but as of yet I don’t get paid. Maybe the fact that I am 16 has something to do with it. 168 more words