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The word average is confusing as there are many different ways to calculate an average in maths. 

At level 1 you need to be able to calculate the… 639 more words

Mediocrity is not an option

About seven years ago, I was informed that a boy two years older than me had stated to a group of our mutual friends that I was mediocre and average. 401 more words

These 6 states might have been the targets of the Trump tax plan

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

President Trump and Republicans in Congress are working hard to turn their proposed tax reform framework into law. One controversial part of the current proposal involves ending the itemized deduction for state and local taxes. 974 more words

Money Matters

Ketika rata-rata tidak cukup lagi...

Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan rata-rata?? Jika anda sering kali melakukan pengolahan data, maka perhitungan rata-rata hampir bisa dipastikan akan selalu ada dalam laporan yang anda buat. 120 more words


The Tech Skills That Earn The Most Money In 2017

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We all know there is a lot of money in tech and talented workers in the industry can earn impressive salaries in any subsection of it. 343 more words

Money Matters


Average is one of the first things my boyfriend called me.

He said and I quote, “You’re pretty, but not that pretty. You’re average.”

He knew me 4 days and knew that I was average in more ways than looks. 483 more words