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Opportunity vs. Ability

In life, the privileged and the prosperous advance much quicker than the ordinary person. Whether they’re blessed with good looks and cunning charm, with riches and familial connections, or with sheer luck, they will always hold the upper hand to the seemingly average. 112 more words


Today Feels hollow (Caution; expletives)

Today feels…
It actually feels empty. It feels like there’s something missing, like something is just…not there, or out of place. I’ve gone through my normal routine, but it just feels broken. 544 more words


Afghan Biscuits


For the Biscuits:

170g (⅔ Cup) Unsalted Butter (softened)
100g (½ Firmly Packed Cup) Brown Sugar
180g (1½ Cups) Plain Flour
3 Tablespoons (Good Quality) Cocoa Powder… 313 more words


Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl.

This story is of Wonder Girl. She keeps on wondering and wandering, in the wonderful world. She is in the search of a story.

Always Incomplete

Wonder Girl

“5 minutes more please”

“Please please”

“Gau you already late!” and she switched off the fan -_- as usual. This technique is used by parents all over the world to make their children get up from the bed. 304 more words

Always Incomplete

We Are Not Average, So Judge Righteously

Through research, we can know that certain chemical compounds will affect the brain a certain way. We can know that certain actions by an individual will cause a specific internal physical response. 3,930 more words