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Marge, she is a funny girl, her messy hair in shags of curls
With thick lens glasses on her nose, and dodgy shoes and funky clothes… 257 more words


Fitness trackers may actually make you gain weight

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Chiming in with reminders, data, and tips, our sleek gadgets and handy apps want to program us into being better versions of ourselves: more responsible, productive, healthy. 488 more words


Singapore is top spot for expatriates: HSBC survey

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Singapore is the top destination of choice for expatriates

Singapore is the top destination of choice for expatriates

Expatriates have given Singapore a vote of confidence in a recent HSBC survey, naming it as the top place to be in terms of career progression, salaries and quality of life. 261 more words

Money Matters

Why Advantages of being Average?

So what are the advantages of being average? A few years ago I was trying to remain positive, I used transactional analysis to adjust my behaviours, thoughts and feelings. 197 more words

Make it worthwhile

We can always do it cheaper, easier, make it average and sell it big to the masses.

There is no art in that, no craft, no aspiration to do better. 55 more words

Philip Dodson

Facebook over-inflating its video view count is bad, but not as bad as it seems

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Facebook exaggerated a key metric advertisers use to assess the performance of their videos on the platform by potentially as much as 80% for more than two years, … 631 more words


Facebook exaggerated video views to advertisers

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

For the last couple years, Facebook has talked about the massive growth of video on its platform.

It turns out Facebook may have exaggerated a key metric — the average amount of time viewers spent watching each video — to advertisers by as much as 80%, according to  146 more words