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Generation 461, 1200-1220. Blood ties (and learning loosens)

The world of 40 generations ago was so different from the one we live in now, that I would like to recap a little, starting with the catholic north of Europe. 1,543 more words

Day 21: Averroes

Sometimes, the effect of one’s effort takes time. When that time is long, we may think that the way things are is the way they have always been, and not even know the players that had great influence. 245 more words

Are Muslims up to the challenge?

The current state of Muslims is downright depressing, conflicted by internal, ideological wars, pagan nationalism, tribalism and opportunism. Militance can bring only temporary protection, not safety. 786 more words

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Biographies of Islamic Astronomers

Check out the biographies of men (and one woman) who made important contributions to the development of science in the Islamic world, and eventually in Europe as well, in our new pages under… 20 more words

The Extraterrestrial Life Debate II

Following the brief introduction that I gave in the previous post, I will here attempt to give a succinct account of the events which opened the doors to the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials before the Copernican revolution in 1543 (I cannot possibly resist the urge to mention that the last three digits of the year of the publication of Copernicus’s heliocentric theory, which incidentally is the year of his death, are the first three Pythogorean numbers, ie. 604 more words

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Hacia algunos años que no visitaba Córdoba y, tras perderme de nuevo en sus bellas calles y rincones, no quería despedirme sin acudir a las murallas y contemplar unos instantes la estatua de… 446 more words


The Paradox of Power (Shelakh)

Can God create a rock so heavy that even He cannot lift it? Theologians have been debating this question, known formally as the “omnipotence paradox… 1,290 more words