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What is the belief of Imam Ibn Rushd, and what was the true nature of his difference of opinion with Imam Abu Haamid al-Ghazaali? 2,174 more words


Happy birthday, Averroes!

On this day in 1126, ʾAbū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn ʾAḥmad Ibn Rušd, better known to western Scholastics as Averroes, was born. In addition to writing short and long commentaries on Aristotle’s logical and physical works, he also wrote defenses of Aristotelian philosophy, as well as other, non-philosophical, works. 47 more words

Happy Birthday, Averroes (Ibn Rushd)!

890 years ago today, on April 14th, the great Islamic philosopher, theologian, political theorist and scientist Ibn Rushd (1126 – 1198) was born, or as he is known via Latin in Europe, Averroes.   490 more words

Happy Birthday!

Averroes and Arachne

This year, my A to Z theme is names from The Divine Comedy, the great masterwork of the incredible Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest works of literature of all time. 451 more words

Divine Comedy

Esse extraneum: on Emanuele Coccia's Sensible life: a micro-ontology of the image. (Gerardo Muñoz)

La vita sensibile (2011) is Emanuele Coccia’s first book to be translated into English. Rendered as Sensible Life: a micro-ontology of the image (Fordham U Press, 2016), it comes with an insightful prologue by Kevin Attell, and it belongs to the excellent “Commonalities” series edited by Timothy Campbell. 2,053 more words


Tahafut al Tahafut - Ibnu Rushd Al Qurthubi

Ibnu Rushd is one of Islamic Medieval scholar who has deep knowledge in Islamic Philosophy, Medical, Fiqh, Logic, Psycology, Music, geography, mathematics, and the mediæval sciences of medicine, astronomy, physics, and celestial mechanicsmostly and Maliki school of Fiqh Islam. 123 more words


Latgabwil 2016

Merupakan kehormatan besar bagi TBM Averroes FKIK Universitas Bengkulu dapat menjadi tuan rumah dalam acara tahunan PTBMMKI Wilayah 1 pada tahun ini. Dapat menyelenggarakan acara yang sukses dan bermanfaat bagi semua pihak, baik delegasi dan panitia sendiri.