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Ibn Rushd - the Qur'an and Philosophy 

Ibn Rushd, known in the Western world as Averroes, wrote summaries and commentaries of Aristotle that made the philosopher intelligible for the Muslim world in the 12th century, but his legacy is the impact his commentaries had on Jewish and Christian philosophy. 427 more words

Averroes on the Metaphysics of Aristotle

One of the earliest volumes in the College Archives is the Registrum A (GOV 3 A1/1; the first Vice-Principal’s Register) which records meetings of Governing Body/Seniority 1539-1594. 504 more words


[Playlist] BBC Radio 3 The Essay: The Islamic Golden Age (20 episodes)

If you’re looking for a good podcast to listen to while you’re enjoying on a beach somewhere and early Islamic history is on your preference list, … 134 more words


Aquinas and Scotus: "Do all men by nature desire to know?"

Following my previous post, which centered on Aristotle’s account of human nature’s relation to art, I will now take a closer look at Aristotle’s notable claim at the beginning of the… 2,346 more words


Sobre Libro la Edad de la Fe tomo I, por Will Durant

Will Durant tiene relato interesante, su prosa captura. La edad media, la edad oscura, vista desde los emperadores posteriores a Constantino, hasta la enorme influencia del judaísmo y sin pasar por alto la influencia de la cultura árabe. 1,466 more words

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The Traits Needed For Progress In Mystical Studies

In Pantheon, we devoted a chapter (“The Heart Of Plotinus”) to the foundational text of Western mysticism, Plotinus’s Enneads.  That text made it clear that every man possesses within himself the capacity for special knowledge of the world; and every man has the potential for awareness of things outside the realm of accepted cognition. 679 more words


Generation 460, 1180-1200. The commentator, the shaykh and the sage.

This generation saw three towering figures, all of whom had been born in moslem Spain, each of whom was hugely influential in their own way. 1,133 more words

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