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Hai bois! Kali ini aku bakal bikin satu kategori baru buat meramaikan AV+! Kategori ini bakal aku kasih nama AVi – AV Interview! Dan no! 393 more words


16. Le'Cardigan . #OOTD

|For this look: I wanted an urban preppy simple look, yet very stylish so.. I paired a mint blue Le’Cardigan with a white turtleneck, grey sweats, mint blue socks, limited edition grey/white/gold (smedge lol) Jordan 12s and completed the look with a grey beanie. 7 more words


15. Le'Hills Coastline . #OOTD

|For this look: I am a legit Californian and LOVE spending time relaxing on the beach, soo.. I wanted to capture taking a selfie on… 52 more words


HERE BE GALLOWS’ HUMOR – Retreat ye who don’t care for that sort of thing

Sunday April 3 my father’s memorial announcement was posted in the “Familienanzeige” section of the Tagesspiegel newspaper in Berlin.  Actually there were two announcements, the one my family arranged, and another purchased by close Berlin friends of Dad’s.  452 more words

Notes In The News

14. Baaaaaller Alert . #OOTD

|For this look: I really wanted a classic Calvin Klein ad feel to this, so… I wore some black cargo pants with my boxers showing slightly, a long sleeve back out fitted white shirt, along with white socks and yezzys. 20 more words


13. StemLYFE . #OOTD

|For this look: This look is pretty simple to master.. just put on a T.H. sports bra and boxers, along with some joggers to match (or not lol), accessorize with a watch – bracelet – chain – earrings, and complete the look with a #StemLYFE snapback. Woila! :D


The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The true confessions of Charlotte Doyle


The true confessions of Charlotte Doyle



Charlotte Doyle is a British schoolchild from a boarding school sailing to her family in Connecticut. 552 more words