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Avi Shock Bird Prevention System

The Avi shock bird proofing system provides minimum visibility protection and is effective against all bird species in almost any location.

A Review: Poppy by AVI

Before I begin,

I retain very few memories from my childhood, but I remember the nights my mom sat up with me reading this story. That moment is one of my fondest memories, and just the other day, in passing, my mom took one glance at the cover of the book and smiled as she remembered reading this to me also. 401 more words



Your favorite Tv show returns as Angelo makes an unsettling discovery and is concerned that Cookie’s past will hurt his bid to become mayor; Anika faces a life-changing decision after Tariq tells her what he’s really after; Hakeem’s birthday party takes an unexpected turn. 327 more words


[Tutorial] How to convert any video for playback on DVD players

In my first YouTube tutorial I show you how you can convert any digital video file to the .avi/vxid format that DVD players tend to play.

Watch it here:


A letter to Success

Dear Success,

I hope this email finds you in good health. It has been long since we have met each other. I still remember when we were together the last time, we had a lot of differences but we managed to stick together, but fate and time had other plans for the both of us and we had to part our ways temporarily. 423 more words

Celebrating Unsung Heroes Week at Kenyon

This week Kenyon College celebrates “Unsung Heroes Week” a week in dedication to showing our gratitude to those employees that often go unnoticed or uncredited for their hard work every day here at Kenyon. 35 more words