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My Relationship With Avial

“I really need to borrow a stomach!”

If you have ever said that in your life, you’d understand my position now. Because I really need to borrow a stomach. 676 more words


Avial - Mixed Vegetable Stew

Every single dish that’s prepared in our kitchen has a very interesting story behind it, but we never bother to ask or find out, let me tell you how Avial originated. 810 more words


Avial- mixed vegetables in coconut chilli base

Avial is an assortment of vegetables cooked in a coconut base. It is very simple and easy to cook. This is a very popular dish originating from Kerala in India.Festivals like Onam and Vishu are generally celebrated with a sadhya or feast in which Avial takes a prominent part of the menu. 81 more words



I’m back after a 3 month hiatus. And what better way to start than by wishing everyone a very happy Onam. The celebrations have begun. OnaSadya is incomplete without the Avial and here goes my recipe for it. 116 more words



Avial (or Aviyal)

Avial (or Aviyal) is a very popular South Indian dish made with a mix of vegetables, curd and coconut. 339 more words



Avial is a thick mixture of vegetables with curd and seasoned with coconut oil. It is an scrumptious side dish for Dosa, Adai, all variety rices, etc,.  351 more words

Side Dish

AVIAL or Mix Vegetable Kerla Sabji

Avial is a classic Kerala dish made with as many vegetables as one can get. It is a mix of all vegetables in coconut and curd mixture. 481 more words

Vegetarian Food