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Presoak overnight:

1 cup idli rice

1 cup raw rice

1/4 cups of urad dal, chana dal, toor dal, moong dal

GRIND : All the above with salt, red chillies-4, green chillies-4, Jeera, Hing, Ginger-few pieces. 87 more words



Recipe by Meera

Cucumber, taro(chama gadda), elephant foot yam (kanda gadda), green banana, drumstick, long beans, carrot, egg plant, snake gourd, bitter gourd, green chillies… 165 more words



Avial is a staple dish during Kerala Sadyas…A sadya without avial isnt a sadya! Avial is a very simple dish,extremely easy to make.When I made Avial for the first time I remember..I was surprised.I expected Avial to be a complex and a difficult to make kind of dish.But when I made it..it was soo simple even when I was a beginner in the world of cooking :) Avial is a really nutritious dish…you can make it with any kind of vegetable..no hard and fast rules regarding this..And I greatly suggest that you use coconut oil..It brings out the flavours to a great extent!!…and with addition of yoghurt ,it provides the exact tangy taste so that you can relish it with Rice. 141 more words

Avial or Aviyal (Mixed Vegetable Stew with Coconut, Cumin, and Yogurt)

I simply love Aviyal (also spelt as Avial). Not only is it simple to make but has the goodness of oh-so-many-vegetables flavoured with a coconut-cumin-green chilli paste and incorporating a touch of sourness from yoghurt or curd. 257 more words


Mixed vegetable avial - a Keralan vegetarian special

You can use any vegetables for this, but it’s good to have some potatoes and carrots as well as greens. Here I used new potatoes, carrots, aubergine, cauliflower, and broccoli. 236 more words

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Kerala Thali

Kerala Thali

A complete meal consisting of Appam, Avial and Urlai Roast.

Appam: A pancake made with fermented rice batter served in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. 442 more words


Kerala fish curry

I have been making this fish curry for about 20 years; it is so simple and delicious. I brought back the curry leaves and fresh turmeric from Singapore specially so I could treat my London chums! 256 more words

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