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Egg Prices Fall After Avian Flu Recovery, Demand Still Stays Low

Last year, an epidemic of bird flu killed millions of chickens and turkeys, affecting the supply of bird-based meats and of chicken eggs. Experts thought that the shortage and high egg prices might continue, but they were wrong: farmers were able to breed and raise new generations of female chicks, ready to take the place of their fallen colleagues. 238 more words


Why Missouri just killed 39,000 turkeys

CHICAGO – US authorities destroyed 39,000 turkeys in Missouri due to an outbreak of a mild form of avian flu, the World Organization for Animal Health said on Tuesday, as officials remained on alert for new cases. 109 more words


Expert: Iowa is Better Prepared for 'Worst animal health emergencies in national history'

More than 30 million chickens and turkeys had to be destroyed due to the avian flu last year. For the most part, the avian flu has disappeared. 376 more words


Public Health Crisis

You now can add “Pornography” as a Public Health “infectious disease.”

Utah lawmakers in Salt Lake City took a “bold” step in the final minutes of the 2016 Legislative Session when the… 640 more words


Science at Cambridge: Veterinary Science

Clinical and clean, dirty and disgusting: you choose.

Veterinary medicine is my subject of choice. Most vet students will tell you they have known what they wanted to be since they were six. 490 more words



It was a time ago that raw chicken became prohibited to sell in Japan after the avian flu broke out. The idea of raw chicken would scare the pants off of most people but it is as safe as the chef’s kitchen and hygiene. 15 more words

Curious About It?

About climate change and bird flu

Another day, another great article (this one by Sonia Shah in the NY Times) about climate change’s impact on pandemics. Here, Shah unpacks how our increased appetite for poultry and a large increase in poultry farming, coupled with a warming arctic’s influence on avian migratory patterns could lead to the next devastating round of bird flu. 19 more words