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Sunday's Song

Jer signed a year lease on his own place and is in the process of moving all his big ticket items out of the house. I guess that makes the separation more official. 189 more words


Avicii: Stories

說實話,Avicii推岀Stories的megamix時我便覺得今次岀事了。沒有如Dear Boy一樣驚艷的音色,驟聽之下也沒有大驚喜。闊別兩年,Avicii帶來的雖然是一張依舊悦耳的專輯,要挑剔的卻很多。專輯沒有收錄The Days和The Nights這兩首孖寶(日版有,可是貴,我會找找看),有點遺憾的是在Ultra Miami聽到我喜歡的新曲都沒收錄。


可是早期喜歡上Avicii的人會有驚喜,要細聽才會明白他是一個念舊的人,只是繼續含蓄,從滿滿的boogie-disco便聽岀他是想做自己喜歡的音樂多於大眾會滿意的音樂。所以這張情感主導的專輯難以取悅樂評人,對於期待已久的樂迷可能會失望,喜歡舊專True的也會有感新專失去一氣呵成且不停聽的魅力。我卻從另一個角度收貨:雖然Avicii的live並不特別出色,但從他今年在Ultra Miami中仍可聽出新舊交接的活力。

Track by Track Review:

1. 主打Waiting For Love是很高質素的流行音樂,易上口的旋律、易記的歌詞,加上細緻的drop arrangement,平時聆聽悅耳之餘,在音樂節也做能兼任高潮位和感動位,非常難得。

2. Talk To Myself令我想起初出道的Avicii總喜歡這樣的音色,而且聯想到Michael Jackson的Billie Jean,好80年代。

3. Touch Me一聽便有daft punk的感覺,vocal好soulful,氣氛好boogie-disco,頭三首似乎都不錯。 175 more words


Travel Playlist

A long, long time ago while I was prepping for a big trip, I created a road trip playlist via this blog and as I’m currently preparing for another one, I thought it might be fun to start it up again. 169 more words


The Piano Guys - A Sky Full of Stars

A while ago I heard for the first time about The Piano Guys. A fantastic music talented duo! Their own re-compositions of the music they play is so amazing! 56 more words


Living Like Renegades

Books aren’t the only place where writers inspire. Music has done the same for many ages in its own unique way. Some songs are quickly forgotten, others should not be: 419 more words

Review #117: Avicii - Stories

Artist – Avicii
Album – Stories (2015)

Check it out – https://open.spotify.com/album/4TQBKFrKq5dNxsAXZwn8tZ

Avicii (Tim Bergling) is a Swedish DJ/electronic dance producer (EDM). Avicii gained recognition in 2011 with his release of the song ‘Levels’, which lead to a few more runaway singles such as ‘Sunshine’ with David Guetta and ‘I Could Be The One’ with Nicky Romero. 325 more words