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Spicy, Avocado, Salmon, Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast today, March 30, 2015
Great way to start an active day, you can adjust it a how hot you like it with leaving in as much jalapeño seed as you like
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Testing testes 123!

so here we go. Blog city. I guess the best thing to do is just jump right in, eh?

For about 5 days I had decided, since the training plan for my 50-miler didnt start until April, that I would just carb out and eat everything I possibly could. 208 more words

Whole Grain Lavash Chicken Flatbread Wraps - 7 ingredients 

Today I did 28 minutes of abs & ran 1 mile. I wasn’t going to run that mile because you shouldn’t do cardio & resistance during the same workout session. 434 more words

Clean Eating


I used to hate avocados. Now I crave them. Who dreams about chicken salad sandwiches with avocado, kosher salt, and fresh garlic, I ask you? Short answer: Me. 211 more words

Tuna-Avocado Salad

Several years ago I developed an allergy to eggs. No eggs meant no mayo and for the longest time I really missed tuna salad, which had been a regular on my plate. 146 more words

Day 38 of Lent

Short and simple, vegetarian refried bean chimichangas with tofu sour cream and guacamole mix, and salsa with hot sauce.   Super simple guys, any type of tortilla that you prefer (I used 100 calories ones) and a can of vegetarian refried beans, get some hot oil sizzling (I used vegetable oil), roll your tortillas up with some refried beans and fry in pan until golden brown on both sides.   116 more words


Soup and Salad: Easy

This salad was basically thrown together with what I had around. A blood orange, from a trip across the border to Quebec, a couple of avocados, some beets I’d roasted the night before, and salad leaves. 416 more words