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Week 1: 29th June ~ 5th July

Distance 82.4km

Time        7:49:37

So this is the start of my 17 weeks plan to run the Dublin Marathon on October 26th. Why 17 weeks? Who knows? 863 more words




You can make this spicy by adding jalapeño peppers.  I leave them out for the kids.

Guacamole Recipe

Mix together chopped avocado, tomatoes, & red onion, lots of lime juice, salt, fresh ground pepper & lots of cilantro. 145 more words

Understanding A Farm Box | Preparing Local Produce

A is for... Avocado

Avocados are a fantastic source of healthy fats, which are important for good health and can help with weight loss. They are also antioxidants, so help protect against free radical damage, slowing down the affects of ageing, plus they are beneficial for your skin and hair! 49 more words


Cherry Banana "Ice Cream"

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot day? Well it’s July, and many hot days = A LOT of ice cream! In an attempt to lighten up my daily ice cream needs, I decided to put a twist on my simple… 96 more words


Lo's NON-Traditional Guacamole

Okay, so this is not a traditional guacamole recipe, but a least I’m not suggesting you add green peas. :-)

This recipe does have some ingredients you don’t find in “regular” guacamole. 57 more words

Recipes And Cooking

Creamy Pesto & Avocado Pasta

I’ve never really understood the attraction of pesto – I find it overpowering and if I do eat it then its guaranteed to repeat on me for ages afterwards. 461 more words

Breakfast - Day 40

Today’s breakfast is a salad, and a particularly huge one, consisting of all kinds of proteins you could imagine: eggs, feta cheese and smoked salmon, plus tomatoes, avocado and wild rocket!