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Avocados and Don'ts

Avocado and smoothie lovers, brace yourselves because you’re in luck. For the next two months, Tropical Smoothie Café has added a new smoothie called the “Avocolada” to its menu. 329 more words

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Breakfast: Avocado & Egg Toast

This is an extremely simple and healthy meal to make for breakfast or as a snack!

1. Toast Bread

2. Mash avocados and spread it over your toasted bread (I’ve added a bit of salsa to my avocado for some extra flavour) 12 more words


Cobb Salad

I saw a picture of this kind of salad on instagram and thought wow that looks good so decided to goggle how to make it. I have  made it twice now and everyone liked it. 75 more words

Clean Eating

It Smells Like Spring and Avocado's are Back!

Today was a bright sunny beautiful day and you could feel and smell spring in the air.  As I as walking from my car to the store I took a huge gulp of fresh air and it instantly occurred to me that I am more excited about the change of seasons than the seasons themselves.  321 more words

The Simple Way to Grow Avocados at Home

We are pretty open about the fact that we are on the avocado bandwagon. They’re delicious, versatile and healthy. If we could grow them at home, we absolutely would, but growing avocados is actually incredibly challenging. 236 more words

Avocado chocolate mousse 💁

This recipe uses just 3 natural ingredients…avocado, honey/agave nectar and cocoa powder. No refined sugar and no dairy but still a super tasty treat. I absolutely love avocados but even I thought ‘what the helllll’ when I saw recipes around using avocado as part of a sweet desert. 106 more words