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Cheap Foods, Eating IN

Eating out gets expensive, so I choose time over spending more money. I went to the grocery store around the corner and bought some staples like cous cous and pasta, along with avocados, a plantain, a big bag of potatoes and tomato paste. 237 more words

Food Memory: The Best Salad Ever

I have tried, extensively, to love salad – it’s good for you and it should just be naturally desired by our bodies, right? No dice for me. 126 more words


Avocado On Toast

Avocado: vit. B6, C, E, K + folate, potassium, fiber, magnesium, protein

Fact: avocado is anti-inflammatory, improves blood cholesterol levels, decreases risk of heart disease, keeps blood sugar levels stable,.. 114 more words


Quinoa, Buckwheat and Chard Patties with an Avocado and Sun Dried Tomato Dip Recipe

This dish isn’t the prettiest, well I didn’t plate it very pretty I probably should of done a smear with the dip but I was so hungry I plated, took a picture and tucked straight in. 371 more words


Yummy Taco Seasoned Potatoes 

This is one of our family favorite. It is a meatless meal but super easy to mix it up and put meat on it. This is actually a pretty healthy meal and everyone loves it. 194 more words

cookie cheer

i go through phases where i can’t stop cooking.

last week i got home and made soup until 10:30. it was delicious and had sweet potatoes, so no surprise. 150 more words



Good evening :D

I have been craving a green smoothie recently, so I bought some kale, my favorite apple and some celery after school. I don’t like to buy green smoothies at stores because they are very expensive here! 49 more words