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Free Chemistry Software & Resources

Chemistry software & other resources

The following links provide free for use , often open source, chemistry modeling programs. These are great for STEM students of all ages. 1,291 more words


Storia, aneddoti e spiegazione delle leggi del gas perfetto. Parte 1

Cominciamo facendo un po’ di nomi a caso:

  • John Dalton;
  • Amedeo Avogadro;
  • Jacques Alexandre César Charles;
  • Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac;
  • Robert Boyle;

Si, proprio loro, alcuni tra i padri della chimica, pionieri, soprattutto nel campo dei gas ideali. 465 more words

Hukum Dasar Kimia

Di dalam ilmu kimia, terdapat 5 hukum dasar yang perlu dipelajari.


Hukum Lavoisier bebunyi:

“Massa zat sebelum dan sesudah reaksi adalah sama.” 229 more words


Happy Mole Day!

October 23 is Mole Day, which the Quimper Hittys are celebrating from exactly 6:02 am till 6:02 pm. 45 more words

Methods Set 8 Chemistry Humor 125 Pinback Buttons Pins

When we consider hydration, we think water. Though when the body calls for h2o, it actually is hydrogen it wants. that the relationship That the absence of… 295 more words

Number Munching

There need to be more math-inspired food holidays, and together you and I can make that happen.

Wasn’t Pi Day fun? Even though this year (3/14/15 at 9:26:53) was the Pi Day of the Century, March 14th is a great excuse to eat pie in any year. 682 more words


Welcome back to The Mole Show with Avogadro. On today’s show you will learn about what today means for the mole. In short, not a thing. 882 more words