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When we consider hydration, we think water. Though when the body calls for h2o, it actually is hydrogen it wants. that the relationship That the absence of… 295 more words

Number Munching

There need to be more math-inspired food holidays, and together you and I can make that happen.

Wasn’t Pi Day fun? Even though this year (3/14/15 at 9:26:53) was the Pi Day of the Century, March 14th is a great excuse to eat pie in any year. 682 more words


Welcome back to The Mole Show with Avogadro. On today’s show you will learn about what today means for the mole. In short, not a thing. 882 more words



Avogadro es editor de moléculas, fácil de usar, que podemos descargar para Linux, Windows y Mac OS X. Además, viene en chino, alemán, francés, italiano, inglés, ruso y español.


1811 Avogadro

  • 1st Hypothesis (Avogadro’s Hypothesis) : There is an equal number of molecules in an equal volume of gas under the same temperature and pressure
    • For this hypothesis to be true, the particles have to be tiny and the majority of space has to be void.
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1809 Memoir on the Combination of Gaseous Substances with Each Other

  • Guy-Lussac’s theory on the combination of atoms
  • He believed atoms combined in ratios by volume
  • Get whole number ratios
  • Doesn’t mention caloric, implies belief in the kinetic theory

An Hour for Every Star

Since the estimate for the number of stars in the universe is somewhere in the ballpark of 1022 to 1024, a chemist could be forgiven if he imagined that there are a mole of stars out there: 6.022 X 1023 . 401 more words

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