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The Mole (Avogadro's Number)

Avogadro’s Number, also called the mole, is a unit chemists use to measure atoms.

(His full name is Lorenzo Romano Amedeo Carlo Avogadro) 106 more words


Profile: Amadeo Avogadro

Lorenzo Romano Amedeo Carlo Avogadro, conte di Quaregna e Cerreto or as we know him, Amedeo Avogadro, was born on August 9th, 1776 in Turin, Italy. 434 more words


Happy Mole Day

Avogadro’s number is 6.02 × 1023. Muahahaaa!


Mole Day

Happy Mole Day!

Wait, not that kind of mole!

I’m talking about a mole from chemistry. A mole (or mol) is a standard, scientific unit for measuring large quantities of very small entities, such as atoms. 163 more words