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Greeks use Bitcoin to avoid capital controls amid Grexit worries

There is at least one legal way to get your euros out of Greece these days, to guard against the prospect that they might be devalued into drachmas: convert them into bitcoin. 6 more words

5 Foods That Will Make You Bigger By Labor Day

Labor Day is September 7th-that’s only 2 months to get your butt in gear! Stop your yo-yo diets and listen up! We all know the saying that the slim body is made in the kitchen, but I think it’s made outside the house. 283 more words


Do not Avoid the Relationship

“Be angry. Irritated. Upset. Yet do not avoid the relationship, which can often be the worst happening in love.”

In relationships, there are the inevitable rows and conflicts we confront. 286 more words


Helping your children avoid sin & develop virtues (podcast)

On this talk show:  How to avoid seven common parenting mistakes, and how to help your children develop 7 essential virtues! (Patrick Quinn)


To download podcast, right click… 14 more words


The Picnic

I remember vividly the first large family gathering after my father passed. It was the first time my husband and I had pulled ourselves together enough to put on some nice clothes and leave the house with kids… together, as a family…. 488 more words

Why Would Someone Avoid Probate?

The process of estate planning is often whittled down to the creation of a last will. This is a shortsighted viewpoint, because there are other options, and a last will might not be the best choice. 148 more words