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About Weıght Loss

You turn on the TV and you see a commercial about a new amazing diet that promises to help you lose up to 20 pounds in one month.  585 more words


The other woman

Well, what do I write… Part of me wants to write a load of swear words and post a picture of the cow but I know deep down that wouldn’t be right, but it would make me feel so good! 496 more words


Fıtness Mıstakes to Avoıd for Women!

You work out every day, but nothing’s happening. Despite years of effort, those lean ton arms you want still haven’t surfaced.If you want your workouts count, make sure you’re not doing these: 650 more words


avoid of now

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and its own relaxing… 45 more words


Why you must avoid the news

Watching the news is a waste of time. Here is a short and simple list explaining why. 172 more words


Common Taboos to Avoid and More Moving Advice from Stellar Movers

Stellar Movers, LLC prides itself in providing services for both residential and commercial clients in Philadelphia and the Tri-State Area that help them have a no-stress, no-hassle move. 129 more words