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dream 14//

trying to avoid this very commandeering man–he is convinced that he is my lover and needs to take care of me–i feel so stifled and uncomfortable and helpless–we are in a california-style large house that is bright and yellow-ish–i am trying to hide, to be inconspicuous–i can’t get rid of him–he is telling me that i will never lose him–agent hotchner from criminal minds steps in and tells the guy he has to back off–hotchner is my dad–the “lover” is resistant and attempts to test his boundaries, seeing if he can do what he’s asked while continuing to get what he wants–hotchner’s arm is around my shoulders, i feel a blanket of protection–the “lover” backs down and slowly recedes–i know that he is going to find someone else to harass–off shoot of this dream, i am told i am moving and am looking at various apartments that are beige with gold numbers–they are all lined up and i am excited to move, but uncertain of why i am moving… 90 more words

Photo reportage : Demonstration in Antwerp against tax avoidance.

Monday 4th of December, 5000 demonstrators from 2 belgium syndicats (FGTB and CSC) took to the streets of Antwerp to demonstrate against tax avoidance. the banners were directed against the tax scandals as Swissleaks, panama or paradise paper.  109 more words


|Logo Design: Getting out of a creative stump|

It’s not Hannah Chan!

Read my previous post here: |Putting the ‘FREE’ in freelance!|
Last week, I talked about getting back into the creative field in a more… 820 more words



In the space between two breaths
she is caught unaware, unknowing –
having spent a short lifetime
eternally busy, frenetically paced
always in motion,
never internally directed – 205 more words

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I felt excited to go out into the world.

Then I dreaded leaving my house.

I gave myself a stern lecture.

Then I sweet talked myself into getting ready. 57 more words

Things That Are Fleeting.

I am completely swallowed within my death cycle now. I’ve had days where I would rather just stay quiet and look out a window. Those are the days I feel alone. 844 more words

3rd December - Getting neater!

Actually secretly kind of proud, and fighting the bit that goes “why couldn’t you do it before? It’s not hard!”

It was hard enough, and only undone twice…

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