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dig deeper... day 1

i used to call it laziness. Now that i listen to the tune more closely, it sounds something more like self-imposed distraction; an avoidance tactic, a looking away instead of looking at IT. 477 more words

I Express

No Way Out

In a world where people take very simple things for granted, I am a testament to how the simplest things can hinder one’s livelihood.

There are days where leaving the house is impossible. 226 more words

The elephant in the room

This is not a new poem.  I have found it helpful many times. I hope you will as well.


There’s an elephant in the room. 180 more words

Grieve And Grow

I Wish There was Somewhere You Wanted To Go...

“I wish there was somewhere you wanted to go, or something you wanted to do…”

These were the words spoken to me this evening by my Mum after a vaguely relevant conversation.  516 more words


The art of doing nothing

I definitely agree with pooh on this one (i mean why not!? he’s an agreeable type of guy!). The concept behind procrastination is essentially a modern phenomenon that has taken the 21st century by storm. 366 more words

Just Me

Guilty conscience

So easy
to cut corners.
To eschew responsibility.
Why more
instead of less?
Much is expected.
Much is given.
Promises are offered.
Little is collected. 16 more words


Yesterday at therapy I realised a few hours afterwards I talked non stop at the poor woman. Not letting her get a word in edge ways. 491 more words