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June 22, 2018

I missed an amazing work opportunity today. Something I’ve been working toward for over 10 years. Shhhhh I’m not self-destructive.

I worked hard to earn this opportunity. 214 more words



Life is and will ever remain an equation incapable of solution, but it contains certain known factors (Nikola Tesla).  Life is a mystery.  There are many unpredictable and uncontrollable factors.  271 more words


Secret Breathing

When it is cold and drizzly, I have to hold my breath in case anyone sees it come out of my mouth.

When holding my breath isn’t an option, or at least not an option I can do without fainting due to oxygen starvation (or am I thinking of carbon dioxide?), I try to breath as lightly as possibly. 123 more words


Afraid of the Dark

Close your eyes and fall asleep,
You don’t want to see this:
These phantom figurines;
This suffocating darkness.

Close your eyes and fall asleep;
Convince yourself you dreamed it. 14 more words


Beast Boy: Actually an Introvert?

The description of extrovert or introvert refers to one’s temperament and how one energizes, relaxes and de-stresses.  An extrovert is energized by social interaction and tends to think out-loud while an introvert is energized by reflective alone time and tends to think before speaking.   1,079 more words

Beast Boy

Choosing my child over a career

As mentioned several posts ago, I discussed the amazing success we found through an IOP program at Colorado Children’s Hospital.  (Blog posts titled “Treatment Round 1” and “Intensive Outpatient Therapy”.)  We moved from a small town on the plains of Colorado to a suburb of Denver at the end of J’s 2nd grade year to be closer to doctors and counselors to continue her treatment.  640 more words


What Began as a Solution can Quickly Become the Problem

Explicit warning

“Heroin… it’s not a drug you take to make your life better, which is what I’m looking for, it’s a drug that empties you out of one life and pours you wholesale into another one completely where it’s all very fucking wonderful but the drug is the only way into it and the only way of staying there… heroin is in the air and it is the air.”  235 more words
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