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July 29, 2016 | Dream Journal | Trying To Avoid My Cousin ME

I had several short dreams last night but I did not voice record my dreams each time that I briefly woke up, and so I have forgotten most of my dreams. 301 more words


A step back

Despite my hopeful and optimistic tone in my last post, I did not pull through with what I set out to do.

Specifically, what am I talking about? 1,067 more words



Therapist: “So there are a lot of changes going on in your life right now, and I know change gives you anxiety. But you’ve spent most of the session so far complaining about the NYC heat. 59 more words

Mental Health

Connect by Disconnecting

Over the last 20+ years, perhaps the single most significant technological change (in terms of the number of people it touches daily) is the rise of the internet. 1,713 more words


How Writing Memoir Might Be Linked to Mindfulness & Meditation

In his lectures about Mindfulness and Meditation,  Robin Wright says that when our minds begin to wander, they typically process on either the past or the future–normally, the future. 441 more words

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Feelings, Illusions, Meditation, Mindfulness, Buddhism & Psychology

Buddhism and Modern Psychology – Princeton University – Ongoing

You can register for this free, online course from Princeton Here

Buddhist thought is that our feelings are not good guides in determining what is real. 42 more words

Free University

What is Happiness?

I’ve been gone for a while.


Pressure kept building while I did my best to ignore it.

I stopped caring.

Stopped being happy.

Then someone took a tiny crowbar and entered my heart. 300 more words

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