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she talked about the disturbing art exhibit and you both agreed there’s enough violence in the world without inviting more.

Right Brain

Small towns, big cities

After quietly listening this past weekend to my son and sister-in-law debate better, faster routes through the city for several minutes I said, “I can’t imagine living anywhere that people talk more about streets and highways than each other.” 371 more words

note 28/11/2015

Some animals are dangerous.
There are the obvious kind
and the not so.

Some animals lift your spirit,
others quell it.

Some animals need to be kept at bay. 15 more words

You're now hearing the X-Files themesong.

It’s magic!

I was about to sit down and watch the X-Files on Netflix with my knitting (mom’s pair of socks for Christmas) when I felt the itch for blogging. 891 more words

Real Life

Meditation as Desensitization

Research has shown that meditation can help with stress and anxiety. With the rise in war exposed veterans in the US needing treatment, studies are being conducted to see how… 447 more words


Too Big to Tax? Vanguard and the Arm’s Length Standard

Vanguard is the world’s largest complex of mutual funds, with over $3 trillion in assets under management, including $215 billion added in 2014. Vanguard’s main attraction to investors is its low costs. 1,074 more words

Corporate Governance


August 7

Maybe I need to stop having fantasy-like expectations of a relationship. I don’t even want to go “there” today—more complaining, more expecting…

How about this: 960 more words

The Break-Up Journal