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Avoid Heart Disease

it’s nighttime and I’m drinking black coffee
nothing in it
for something in it

could clog our arteries
and give us

and we could die early… 19 more words

The Trust In Me

In recent years, there are two (not counting family members or friends) people who have been with me the whole way.  Two professional people who have invested hours in me and my future, who haven’t batted an eyelid when I’ve, time and again, let them down.  301 more words


My Top 10 Distractions for a Procrastinator

I you know me well you will know that I’m a grand master level procrastinator. The definition of Procrastinate means to delay or put off something that should be done until the opportunity is lost. 514 more words


All Other Avenues

It is a good job that there are so many perfected beings in incarnation! The future of humanity is in safe hands. Because it is always some other person’s fault these guys are squeaky clean, or so they maintain. 238 more words


ULearn - Thinking and Leading with Thinking Dispositions

Karen Boyes from Spectrum Education, and her website.

2 billion jobs will be eliminated by 2030 – when there is a void, they will be replaced, vacuum theory. 638 more words


Where is the boy I kissed?

Where is the boy I kissed?

I thought to look for him on Facebook, but I didn’t want to spoil his 14 year old beauty. The deep brown eyes and hair; the baby face he hated but we girls sighed over. 654 more words


Corrective Action - Mars Gets Set Straight

As we near the exact Opposition of Mars to Neptune set for 10:53pm on Tuesday night, you may notice that many people are ‘taking action’ to lead a healthier, more productive life (Virgo) rather than continuing to lose themselves in the nebulous void of Neptunian escapist activities, like excessive drinking, drugging, sexting and procrastination of all forms. 271 more words