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I built a mighty fortress high

To shield my stricken soul

Lived days and nights in solitary

Untouchable was my goal

Walls kept life out and kept me in… 89 more words

A Cautious Admittance 

So I just noticed that the last few blogs I’ve written have been to do with my mental health. I think this means I need to do more than simply writing to do lists. 93 more words

Word Count

Boundaries and Avoidance (Question Fridays)

Q: I have tried stating my boundaries about what I am and am not okay with in our relationship, but he just dismisses them and says I am over reacting and controlling. 414 more words


Avoidance behavior

02/17/2015 Entry

My therapist, Wyette says she’d like to see me journal more.

So, whatever. I guess I can put more effort into here.

Well, today, because she keeps saying how I need to stop my avoidance behavior, I went and got my taxes done where Brandon and I had them done for a few years. 777 more words


The Break-Up Journal: Anger Issues

September 11—Starting off this morning with remembrance in my heart for those lost on 9/11. God. Here I am whining about my ridiculous problems when there are people out there whose family members jumped from the Twin Towers. 376 more words


: mark me absent :

There will be no post today, seems I’ve misplaced my motivation. Oh, it’s around here somewhere, I just can’t lay my hands on any enthusiasm at the moment. 180 more words


Sometimes We Fail

I’m trying hard to come to grips with the circumstances in which I find myself – but the truth is, I HATE those circumstances and have attached a great deal of self-judgement to them.   428 more words