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Molecular Trance

(prose inspired by bedouin culture,
and spirituality)

desert drummers slapping bass tones on dry skin
fur of sheep on fur of human
bells of iron strapped on human carbon… 117 more words


corrupt offshoring

Offshoring companies of corruption smacks when they don’t pay any U.S. tax.


Veering from uninterested to over-attached

Yep. Diagnosed with Anxious and Avoidant Personality Disorder, which I think is a pile of poo but oh well. Attachment issues from childhood, no doubt… 76 more words

Additional Humbling

Dear Lord,

A week-long break from journaling or blogging is a long time for me. I haven’t been able to do such a thing in over 13 years. 1,037 more words



You’re like a pebble

I picked up from the sea

Completely smooth

But you still retained your edges

And I treasure you enough

To toss you back into the sea… 77 more words


Running and running (fb post)

Another post from last year…

I’ve been watching myself for the last 5 hours…running, hiding, avoiding, distracting, hiding some more, eating, avoiding, shopping to avoid etc etc….basically cos I feel scared. 282 more words


Handling Conflict - The Avoiding Style

Conflict is a normal part of life.

Conflict can make or break a relationship, depending on how all parties involved react and/or respond to the situation. 468 more words

Relationship Building