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Home Day 2

Because I avoid confrontation like the plague I thought “hey, I’ll leave a window open on my parents laptop with a search result for local therapists!” 52 more words

Reconnecting, inspiring, and avoiding

I had the urge to reconnect with an old friend, and it was the best decision of the last month really. I missed this guy more than anything. 267 more words


Crime in America - Why Do We Spend So Much Money?

Durkheim believed that is a normal social function, both necessary and indispensable, serving as a social function. (Edles and Applerouth 2015). What does this mean? The social function of crime is to validate the social norms, by going against these norms. 1,794 more words

Psychology & Sociology


I am staring at the vacuum- intensely willing it to plug itself in & get to work, but my Jedi mind tricks have apparently grown a bit rusty.

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Kevin Keelan

Those Unresolved Challenges

Sometimes life circumstance can be challenging and it is by facing challenge that we evolve. The word challenge is often linked to contest, even competition. We have just had a couple of weeks wherein a bunch of people competed to see who was fastest etc.. 392 more words

Self Discovery

rediscovery and some insight

rediscovering this song today.

All of my life

In every season

You are still God

I have a reason to sing

I have a reason to worship…

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Naughty Monday

Well the flat coat has a little naughty in him too.  Did he learn it from the golden?  I suppose I like a little naughty anyway, in the end :) 481 more words