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The Dangers of Busy Work

“Procrastination is the thief of time.” Edward Young

Procrastination is a sneaky thing and you can find yourself doing it without even realising. We all have things we are putting off and I’m giving myself a bit of a shake down because I know I’m procrastinating. 428 more words


Elite Daily: The Next Time You Think Someone’s Avoiding You, Take A Look In The Mirror

Most people strive to be kind, loving, and happy.

But that is not always the case. Most people associate beauty with external looks and they think that is what will make them attractive to other people. 58 more words


Strength Through Softness

Are you a “fighter”?

I have been a fighter in my life, an arms-swinging-spit-flying-noise-making fighter.  You know, when the knee jerk reaction is to hiss and scratch rather than lay down.  683 more words

Four Proven Ways to Contract Anxiety Part 1: Get Bullied - As an Adult

Mike Catello

“You were bullied,” my therapist concluded. I was stunned. How could an adult be bullied? But I was. I allowed adults to torment me. 1,107 more words

Avoidance....Is There Such a Thing When Following God

What great adventure have you been on? This was the opening line last Sunday. And, I found it very interesting that while I cherish motherhood more than anything, I mean it once defined me, but I began to think of vacations and my bucketlist of places my husband and I have went on and places we want to go. 748 more words


Mobileye Installs Aftermarket Crash Avoidance Tech on Lyft, Uber Vehicles in NYC

The newest vehicles on the market often are equipped with advanced driver avoidance safety systems. That UberX beater picking you up? Not so  THE WORLD’S BEST BLIND SPOT MIRROR Buy Maxi View Blind Spot Mirrors. 21 more words

Indirect vs Direct Coping - How Do They Fit With Avoidance?

Sometimes therapists will “teach coping skills.”  I was about halfway through grad school, all jazzed up about counseling, when I changed from a behavior modification service (BHRS) to a therapy service (FBMHS).   835 more words