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Injury Update For Emmett

After several weeks of doing nothing, more or less, Emmett has successfully repaired his knee, more or less. The vet says there is a little laxity there so there is still an injury but it is not hopeless. 213 more words

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Note to Self...

Gardening and running are not necessarily complementary activities. (Moan.)

I love to garden. Spent Sunday afternoon weeding and deadheading and generally crawling around outside playing in the dirt. 170 more words


How do you know...

When it’s time to take a break?

We all get there eventually – minutes (or maybe steps) away from injury or burnout. And then? Do you really want to take the weeks or months necessary to really recover? 326 more words


Are Shots Good for Shoulder Pain?

The burden of should pain can often easily be temporarily alleviated with a shot; however, pain always returns, and the shot’s chemicals can lead to more significant problems over time. 530 more words

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Foods that Reduce Inflammation

Typical Causes & Symptoms of Inflammation

Inflammation actually gets a bad rep. Inflammation is our body’s natural response to ward off dangerous, foreign, or unhelpful organisms; however, there are times where our body –in response to certain other issues (arthritis, to name one) will initiate an inflammatory reaction despite there not being any unnatural presences within the body. 725 more words

Avoiding Injury

Why Physical Therapy & Exercise Should be Used to Treat Ankle Sprains

Though ankle injuries are extremely common, knowledge regarding how to treat a sprained ankle is less common. While immobilization is an important part of the early stages of healing, without exercise to improve strength and flexibility, you run a significant risk of reinjuring yourself. 675 more words

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