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Don't forget about Struts & Shocks

Many times, when going to a car dealership the more popular issue is oil replacement, air pressure, break tune-up, but how many times have we focused our concern about Struts and Shocks? 545 more words

When have our brakes "never" given us trouble?

You thought buying a car was difficult, but maintaining it is a whole different story! AVP Service Center offers brake services to maintain your car’s versatility for years and years!

Alien vs Predator

Alien vs Predator is a game is that has three paths to take which will determine the ending of the game.

Path one: The Predator path has you as the Predator go through the jungle,killing humans and Aliens to get to the Pred-alien to stop the hideous hybrid. 78 more words

TCL Bloggers Conference Event Coverage

TCL Philippines’ Bloggers Conference held at the PBA Cafe on April 12, 2016 with special guests Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero with performances by Coeli San Jose and South Boarder.

Official Video by Qarah Productions.


The Canadian Securities Exchange shines a Spotlight on Laguna Blends (CSE: LAG) (LB6A.F) (OTC: LAGBF)

In the latest issue of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) Magazine, published quarterly, investors will discover a lengthy feature on Laguna Blends (CSE: LAG) (FSE: LB6A.F) (OTC: LAGBF). 597 more words

7 Major Analyst Upgrades Calling for Huge Upside

The week of June 3 was a wild ride that ended with a serious let down on the payrolls portion of the employment report. With the Dow closing out the week at 17,807, it ended up being almost a wash when compared to the prior week’s 17,873 close. 985 more words


Laguna Blends, Inc. (LAGBF) Harnessing the Benefits of Hemp

The Aesop fable The Swallow and the Other Birds, penned some 2,500 years ago, tells the story of how hemp was used. Seeing a farmer sowing seeds of hemp, the swallow urged the other birds to eat the seeds so that none would survive to grow. 659 more words