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Last week, I started sharing my Top 10 Shows that I’ve seen live at the theatre.

And as predicted, yes, they’ve changed within one week! And I haven’t even seen any new musicals! 1,832 more words


Tuesday, February 10, 2015 : 203 Days

YikYak is usually pretty useless, but for two hours tonight it was awesome.


i just wanted to say that i’ve seen someone comparing eddie redmayne’s jupiter ascending get up to something like “ballet voldemort”

and that i completely, 100% agree

Characters and Their Surprising Attributes

Sometimes characters traits appear random, especially from a retrospective point of view. Rion has one arm. Agnetha is claustrophobic. Charles is not as much a bachelor as the term suggests… 745 more words

Prose And Poetry

Day 10 - You Can Call Me Ravenpuff

With today being the official start of teaching, I was destined to have a stressful day. I always wig myself out during the first day and week of classes because I think of all the things that can go wrong and expect them. 1,363 more words


Ani: A Parody

For those of you who have never heard of Starkid, or need a little reminder, here is what you need to know: Starkid (or often known as Team Starkid or StarkidPotter) is a musical theatre group originating from the University of Michigan and now based in Chicago. 832 more words


A Very Potter Experience

As a Harry Potter hipster (read the books WAY before they were popular!), I got into pretty much everything having to do with the series as a kid.   741 more words