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Avro Arrow (CF-105), an advanced, supersonic, twin-engined, all-weather interceptor jet aircraft developed by A.V. Roe of Canada from 1949 until the government’s controversial cancellation of the project in 1959. 7 more words

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Buyer interest in model of Avrocar flying saucer yet to take off

It’s been hovering on Kijiji for nearly two months.

But so far, demand has been underwhelming for an authentic steel model of the Avrocar flying saucer, built in 1959 for the U.S. 535 more words

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What happened to the Avro Arrow?

There have been movies, books, t-shirts, t.v. shows, magazine articles, tiny and life sized models, and web sites about it.

They were made not that long ago, but there isn’t one around today to look at. 45 more words

Computer availability

The local public library is finishing off its painting job by painting the doors inside. On the 24th only 3 of the 9 computers were available due to drying paint. 69 more words

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The demise of the Avro Arrow revisited

Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week takes a look through the magazine’s archives and outlines the high praise for the Avro Arrow before the Canadian government cancelled the program. 148 more words

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There Never Was An Arrow: a dated and highly-biased documentary

The Soviets had the Tu-28 and the MiG-25. The Americans had the F-106 and the Phantom II. The British had the Lightning and the French had the Mirage III. 32 more words


The WABAC Machine - Wasted Military $$$$$$

“Well Sherman my Boy, today let’s hopscotch around the globe looking for kool military-type stuff.”

10 Weapons That Never (Or Barely) Went into Service

It seemed like a good idea……

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