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Who Am I

I am the whisper that says look up and see me, the moon smiling down upon your sweet face

I am that behind the forlorn look of pain searching for relief… 171 more words

I am present, yet you do not see me

I come as a stranger hearing your words

As they resonate so deeply within me I ask you for a coffee

Your surficial mind declines, yet your hearts yes is dismissed… 191 more words

Silent nights...

Silence speaks a thousand words

A feeble voice inside the head always speaking

louder than the world;

yet no one else can hear it out-loud. 199 more words

Next 100 | Day 39 |  Feast on Your Life

Experience the sparkle, diamonds, rainbows of your life. Enjoy all of it, as you embrace the deepest spaces of your truest self.

Next 100 | Day 39 |  Feast on Your Life… 283 more words



I’m feelin a little more confident to share my daily posts without hiding them. Maybe the good ones.

Affirmation: Thought
Energy: 7
Weather: Gloomy, grey. 1,459 more words


Next 100 | Day 38 |  Expand Your Breath

Resigned can be a thing of the past. Heartache doesn’t disappear but is replaced slowly, quickly, hard to say. Change travels its own course. Allow yourself to enjoy the process even though it feels different. 275 more words



Do you believe that the power is within you?  If you have a blog about the book entitled “The Power of the Subconscious” by Dr. Jospeh Murphy, please tag me. 6 more words