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The problem with some spiritual teachers [Rant]

I am increasingly getting the feeling that some spiritual teacher are either genuinely misleading their students so they can stay around or they do not know how to teach. 137 more words



In the depths of darkness

A secret lies in wait

Hidden but a moment

Soon to reveal its fate

After days covered

By dirt and mud… 25 more words


Asleep in darkness

“Wake up!” said head to my heart

Dancing into day

Daily Haikus

🐛All Of The Women I Have Been🦋

Navigating my path through all of the different women I have been is an exhilarating journey through the depths of Atlantis, to the Hills of Old Ireland. 509 more words

I feel like I'm going crazy. Kundalini/spiritual awakening. Messages from guides? anyone have any relatable experiences?

Hey everyone, So my "spiritual journey" really started in January 2017 and I feel like it's been so up and down since then. I had massive anxiety to the point where I literally thought I was dying which started it all off, then I started twitching all over my body (fasciculations), having pins and needles, tremors etc. 618 more words



may the stars guide you rightly on your quest

may the moon illuminate that beating chest

may the sun touch your skin to know

your still alive, you’ve yet to go


Why can’t we all love each other? Honestly.

Why do we judge one another based on race? religion? gender? sexual preference? bank accounts? clothes? It just really hurts my heart. Does everyone not see how beautiful of a place this could be if we all loved one another? 289 more words