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AWE2017.2: ArcKeepers Assigned!

When people ask about our Awakening Events (AWEs), it is a little difficult to explain. It’s a camp-retreat-seminar-workshop-breakthrough weekend all rolled into one. And yet, that doesn’t even begin to describe what goes on at AWEs.  1,718 more words

Archippus Awakening

Truly Pleasing

Seek Me, My love
and do not let
anything keep
you from Me

for I alone
am the One
whose love is
truly pleasing.

A laid down life is awakened to His love. 61 more words


Awakened, Uncontrollable Power

Kat Bloodmayne was experimented on by her father.  Now her soul is dying and an uncontrollable power within her threatens all around her.

When we last left Kat in… 128 more words


A Woman Awakened

The Lord spoke these words to my heart concerning a dear loved one. He pressed me to share it, so I will. ❤️

⚔️A woman awakened is a force to be reckoned with (Ephesians 1:15-18). 89 more words


So you’re one of the “useless” ones. No career path. No “ladder” to climb.

You see everyone running for the “finish line” and you can’t understand where they’re going. 48 more words


I can't believe I signed up for this.

This journey is painful, humiliating, unfair, and downright pointless. I'm getting my ego ripped into shreds everywhere I go. I'm seeing my darkest inner phycological demons manifest themselves right in front of me. 110 more words