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How we were born

I think sometimes I have personified visions of how I was born

Conceived in love brought forth in chaos

It’s in how I love

How I touch… 91 more words

Pay Attention

I think all creatives yearn for some kind of success, some kind of recognition for the work we do. Success is maybe not why we photograph, write, paint or travel—or whatever creative activity we do—or ought not to be. 953 more words


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Conversations in my mind

You are about to witness a conversation with myself. These are the things that run through my mind daily, the things I really care about, and the core of my being. 728 more words


Reptilian and Mantis Hybrid

Damian was and is a famous hybrid to the awakened audiences and was conducting Skype consultations most days as everyone wanted to share their stories and find some sort of answers, which he claimed he had. 613 more words

Awakened by Blair Gaulton 

Awakened asleep;
active elsewhere.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Feb 2017


Damian Part 2 - Archons Attack

Gozer and I met up regularly to discuss Damian’s work and life stuff. We became friends and I found it so interesting meeting up with her and we would talk about different species of aliens, mind control, and conspiracy stories that were going on in the world. 556 more words


I woke up
Sought me
In silent dark
I want
For you
I am denied
My bed
My heart
I woke up