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A New (To Me :-) ) website featuring great info on consciousness shift

Right on, glad we’re connecting, so much to celebrate as being so actively explored and shared.
I’m really happy.
It’s a dream come true. <3


It is Well, the Trail

 1993, August, Grand Teton National Park, on the Death Canyon trail to Static Peak, I came around a bend and saw the first bull moose I had ever seen (up close).   312 more words


A Disease is a Dysfunction of the Mind

A disease is a dysfunction of the mind

Chants my yoga teacher, Chinook, with his Jamaican styled shorts and thick voice.

He continues, “you see people, the places where it hurts in your body, that’s your bodies way of telling you that is has a disease… Listen to the word, he repeats. 1,232 more words


On Saturday, I woke up in the usual way. Glad for the weekend and eager to see what I might get into. Fun is usually the first goal in mind for weekend activities, but this particular morning became something far greater than usual. 459 more words