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Horribly exhausted

I’m horribly exhausted. I dream of my twin flame constantly. I believe that it allows me to analyze myself, but it rips apart my heart when I wake up. 140 more words

An unabashed crescendo of spring. {poetry}

Fresh fallen
spring rain,
dappled sunlight
the warming

A bed,
of newborn leaves

Soft moss,
lays open
upon the soddened, 50 more words

Poem And Prose

Aligning Our Choices

“Align yourself with people that you can learn from,
people who want more out of life,
people who are stretching and searching
and seeking some higher ground in life.” 600 more words


Friendly Sleeping Habits

It’s neither raining nor pouring

Yet my best friend is snoring

He takes up half the bed

And like he’s dead

I seek to fill him full of dread… 106 more words


Self Talk

I talked to myself this morning

Inside my own head

No one was around

As I lay with dread in bed

My mind alarm shouted, “Up! 217 more words


ONE Day Samuel, part 1

Who we consider to be who based on credentials and job status is very flawed. This is about a brilliant nighttime janitor—a quiet genius who has sacrificed everything to invent something that has the potential to save us all, but it also threatens the status quo and people with very powerful financial positions and must, for now, be kept a secret. 2,561 more words


Bye, Felicia

*To my dear friend that’s actually named Felicia, I promise this poem isn’t about you. I love you!

I have childhood scars and I’ve just discovered bars… 78 more words