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Always remember that this life is yours

That you do not owe anyone anything at all

If you become too concerned about the hearts you may break or the feelings of others that may be hurt in your process of wanting to evolve… 674 more words


Deal 1036: Awaken awake wake ake a

Despite the narrative complexity, Sydney was resting rather comfortably. He was getting enough dreaming done to last him a month.

seven worried thoughts
calm costumed clumsy chicken
left alone to dream
… 452 more words
Daily Deal

Who's with me in this twin flame path?

You ask me how’s my journey so far?

It is soooo daaaaaamn challenging!

This twin flame (TF) journey has caused me a lot of purging here and there for four years now, and I didn’t know the meaning of “purging”until I come across this TF concept back in March 2017. ¬† 634 more words


The Divine Nudge

Once you awaken, you can never go back to sleep. And I meant spiritually.

Hi! I am starting this blog site to document my journey in the spiritual realm, and I felt that this is Divinely guided. 265 more words


The Awakened

Truth withdrew into the mist

As ignorance blew its one last kiss

Many receded with the tide

To wait for “power” to subside

A few stood strong in soul’s dark night… 116 more words

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Energetic Rainmaker

I try to think of ways to help others understand what I do for others and how it is unique to myself. I was given the term “Rainmaker” by my guides. 242 more words

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