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A Love Letter from my Soul to Yours

Believe it or not, each and every one of us have a mission, we all have a very defined and specific path, and this is to unite in unconditional love. 1,029 more words



I am, by definition, the very things you are most afraid of

I am a collection of all the madness in this world that you cannot seem to understand… 198 more words


Now? Or Before?

I stumbled out of slumber; resistance, prolific (an exaggeration).  No turning back.  Onward.  Life moves toward the finish line, while some still live in the past, keeping a strong focus on memories, life in the rear-view mirror.   555 more words


The Art of Sex

The stigma on sex found in our Western culture is evidence of the last oppressive push for control by the dominance of those in power that fortunately for us has failed halfway through its mission. 484 more words


A Problem with Hannay's Postscript

I have said before, and I will say again, that Alastair Hannay’s translations of Kierkegaard for Penguin are superior to the Hongs’ translations for Princeton. I will probably do some posts comparing them again. 771 more words

Alastair Hannay

The Truth About Beauty

It is no secret that beauty can play a part in one’s success to land a job, especially in face to face customer service work. Clothing stores will be more inclined to hire attractive girls and guys as a way to influence people to purchase from that store, and overall display a more ‘pleasing’ environment to experience. 802 more words



What are those messages I heard?

Who spoke to me those years ago and why did it make sense?

I was on a slippery slope of pipes, booze, and tainted ideas of love. 493 more words