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Gentle Steps

Stepped inside waking dreamt,

Down outside zoned comfort,

Went inner still leapt,

Wept oft,

Held hopeful,

Fell landed soft,

Gentle steps.


Touch Reflected

See clear now,

Water edged,

Saw blurred then,

Later pledged,

Distorted image faced,

Place ever graced,

Touch reflected.


Butterfly Winged

Softness speaks silent tongued,

Secret yearning pined,

Once upon a time tongue tied,

Neath hidden climbed,

Hand eye sighted wide,

Insight flew re-versed,

Grew rehearsed,

Butterfly winged.


Thanks Atreya. How would you define spiritual awakening and how do I achieve it?

Awakening can be defined as a fundamental transformation or death of the exclusive β€œme” that has its identity in β€œI am the body and mind,” to a non-exclusive awareness that simultaneously sees itself in all things, times and places without a second of differentiation. 81 more words


We are unfortunately all attached to something or somebody. Why is that so? Why are we looking for some kind of security through things or people? 670 more words


Stillness Sat

Timeless sat wondering ashore footed,

Awhile rocky waters waved afar,

Time flew by sand filled,

Hour glass figured,

While right water rocked nearby,

Inner shook quiet, 13 more words


Mesmerizing Night

Dulcet tune of the night is mesmerizing

Tremulous darkness slithers in harmony

Unveiling the mystery at leisure

Lithesome pirouetting of the mystical aroma

Captivate the senses in timeless ecstasy… 8 more words