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as darkness falls

and hope

is gone…

light awaits

its calling…

in the shadows

of the dawn.

Poem & Photo ©Mairi McLean 2017


Mended Wings

The universe


of many things…

mended wings

new beginnings

the end of an ending

transcending all…

unclouded vision

undaunted spirit…



sixty nine. 10 more words


The 'Spiritual Heart', the Juice of Enlightenment.

The enlightened ‘feeling’ have been a recurring theme during my awakening to true nature. This is a component of awakening that is being highlighted more in recent books and satsangs  and talks about the embodiment process after initial awakening to awareness in the Western non duality/Advaita/truth scene. 347 more words

[June 22 2017]

Oh the love

Oh the trust

I just know everything is finally alright

Oh how I have been waiting

Oh how I have been anticipating… 39 more words

[Poetry & Writings]

Pioneering or Forerunning

Today as I got up, I started thinking on the life I have had of pioneering or forerunning. I used to think they were the same but after this morning’s reflections; I’ve concluded they are two completely different things. 441 more words

Revelatory Teaching

Fearing Your "Self"

There’s an anger, a big sense of resentment
For me there’s no break, no form of contentment
I can’t seem to get ahead, and I can’t seem to find work… 254 more words


Creatures of Habit (Original Poem)

Written by Linzo

Creatures of habit, humans are bred

Living routines for our daily bread

Like revolving doors, predictable of course

A dare in risk, a fearful cause… 43 more words