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Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever wondered about the process of spiritual awakening? Does it last once I have achieved it? How can I keep being awake? 42 more words


From My Upcoming Book "The Way"

Normally it is a frowned upon habit to look at our feet as we walk. But spiritually, I can’t think a more noble and sapient manner in which to traverse the path of life.

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The Energies of May 2017

The Energies of May 2017

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

We being a new energetic month, in which, taking care of our physical vehicles is pivotal to help them shift, dissolve what is not aligned with the new frequency that we are embodying, and allow them to integrate all the new stellar codes that we are receiving. 1,889 more words

Watch "Carl Jung on Accepting the Darkness of Self and Others"

This was comforting. I don’t know if it was his voice and or the subject. I will probably listen to it a few more times. When this first started happening and I started hearing, you’re a racist, you’re a child molestor, you are white, you’re ugly, you are this and that …. 795 more words

Awakening - Part 3

Daisuke opened the door to the grandiose chamber. It held the appearance of a wooden throne room. Though the room was lit with torches and candles, there remained a stubborn darkness creeping in the corners. 572 more words


Right Sized

On the brink of May 2017, I am continuing to share my experience with spiritual principals learned and incorporated into my life as the result of following the program of recovery from alcoholism. 247 more words

All of It

I gathered.

I gathered all

parts of me,

including those

most difficult

to hold.

And I held.

I held all

parts of me —

all of them. 56 more words