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Of Eternal Space

The quiet space harbours on the idea that everything is still, but it is not. Everything else is moving around you; it is you that is silent and unmoving. 352 more words

Kill Your Darlings

A Confirmation of Parallel Realities!

It was around October in 2016 when I had discovered that everything was interconnected dramatically and I was moving in and out of dimensions as I had tasted being in void. 293 more words

Joy In Discovery - Feb 27, 2017

There is an entire world that exists beyond your physical world. Take joy in its discovery! ~ Creator




Daily Message ~ Sunday February 26, 2017

Enlightened decision making asks, “Where does my soul call me to go? How can I be my highest expression of self? What would bring me joy?

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Until We Learn What We Need to Learn ...

As I began my  new job about a month ago, I have come to realize that many of the old issues are repeating.  I am seeing the same issues with different people, and the Universe has brought back lessons apparently I have not fully learned. 273 more words


The awakening of an HSP

The day I realised I was an HSP… That was a turning point in my life as a shapeshifter.

I remember it quite clearly as it was not so long ago. 1,026 more words


Feb 20, 2016

You would think that. That you love me and you hate me. And when you tell me you want me to hate you-I won’t. I gave enough energy over the last seven years trying to love you and get you to love me I don’t have any energy left with which to hate you. 219 more words