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Silent Religion: "Absence"

Greetings cyber world,

Silent Religion’s long anticipated E.P “Absence” is on its way to multiple digital platforms as these words are being typed. Prepare yourself for a soothing, intimate, downward spiral towards the loving embrace of an affectionate breed of madness.   32 more words

Silent Realm Industries

Enlightenment - Summer 2015

Chaz wrapped a bandage around his bleeding wrist.  Or was it bleeding?  He knew that something was bleeding, because of all the blood that was pouring out.  1,200 more words


Awakening (ie give way no longer ...)

He woke up at four, but four was too early;

what’s more, far too wrong

in the long scheme of things.

Then he went back to sleep, more… 159 more words


Story Idea #25 "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

The only notable thing about humanity is that we think that we are notable.

Today’s story is a Sci-fi space epic in the vein of 2001: A Space Odyssey. 615 more words


Fire Emblem: Awakening - On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

After playing through Fire Emblem 7 and 8, my addiction has continued with Awakening. I’ve recently beaten it after one hell of a ride. This one however had many bumps. 1,412 more words



Everything that is in existence living, non-living have the basic core of energy, matter and consciousness. Energy Matter and consciousness in themselves obey a law of hierarchy. 317 more words


Follow the Winding Brook

This is a draft from November 2014 that had not made it to press. It was almost complete, save a few sentences I added a few minutes ago. 726 more words