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Wake Up To Your Dream

Oscar said, “I’m way too busy. I have too much to do.” He’s a junk guy, a scrapper and we’d just pulled a piano out of the back of his old truck. 399 more words

Truly Powerful People

Journey To MY Heart Centre

Over a month ago now, I checked off Facebook and other social media avenues to go on an inner personal journey. It was not that these avenues necessarily hurt my spiritual progress, it just slowed me down. 160 more words

'What is awareness?' - Rupert Spira's contemporary.

Within the One Garden model of ‘interfaith as inter-spiritual living’ we see the core teachings of the world’s great traditions very simply as; Awaken more, Detach from ego more, and Serve others better. 24 more words

Spiritual Development

We are living in momentous times....

And I’m STILL walking the razors edge… The bleeding edge is for those who are leading..  The razors edge, is for those of us who could die at any moment.. 328 more words


It’s going to be Alright
Just a sweet Tear falling down A misty cheek
In the Morning the Golden church house Beams
Music sung for All who have climbed Pesticide fields… 28 more words


What are you seeing?

Someone asked me the other day, “how do I decide what to paint?” It’s a good question and one I get asked a lot in my classes. 117 more words


My Mind In A Pretzel

Who or what is it that desires to awaken from illusion?

Who or what is it that is capable of holding pain with love?

What happens when attention shifts from relative awareness to complete identification with the separate self? 133 more words