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A bizarre dream

There were bizarre dream sequences– of most extraordinary type and I retained enough to appreciate them. When I woke up by 5:11 AM I was dreaming a dream which was strange. 798 more words


Here is an example of how we take for granted what we are taught in School, without critical thinking allowed.

I have often stated that if you think it is right for small group of people, to tell a massive group of people what they can and cannot do, then you need brain surgery! 8 more words

Truth 4 U

Poetic Request

Nebulous thoughts amidst the radiant blue sky

Contradicts the essence and becloud the view

Hoping, the blue doesn’t sour in such circumstances

Eyes seek to go beyond the nuances… 42 more words


Just Listen...

We often get fed words of wisdom from others
yet more times than not
we opt for what our minds tend to offer

Experiencing life sometimes through a little humility… 84 more words


Q: What is the glue of identification? New MJ Awakening Blog

Q: What is the glue of identification?

MICHAEL: Suffering. It’s the taking of any story that is showing up as “my” story. What to “do”? Observe the process of identification rather than “being” it. 27 more words

The Way of I and Thou

Sun Enters Libra – The Equinox – (September 22, 2017)

Bill Attride
September 22, 2017

The Gift of Companionship, The Way of I and Thou… 969 more words

The Time Traveler

It’s a curious fact that I haven’t stayed in this one place the whole of my life. I do seem to move through what we call time, but time as we think of it isn’t the whole story. 1,443 more words