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Personal Branding: Why Should I Care?

Yesterday I described what personal branding is:
a promise to the customer of an experience

Not just an experience with the product
but with all the services and relationships… 201 more words

Unbelievable But True

Every time you are in a change in your life you experience that you can’t imagine yourself in the new situation. You have no idea how it would feel or how you should be. 451 more words


Thubten Chodron: The Meaning of Life and Benefiting All Sentient Beings

As a teenager I wondered a lot what the meaning of life was. I knew it had something to do with helping others, but didn’t know exactly what. 447 more words


Cinderella was enjoying herself so much, she forgot to watch the time.

An Illusion of Maya by Phil Escott (Author)

A huge, old carp uncaught and unseen for decades. But now Jay and Carl had seen it, was the strength of their friendship about to be tested to its limit? 756 more words


You know! - The Council

The Council

Why are you here? What are you here for? What should you be doing?

These are the questions you always, always ask us. Do you ask because you are truly lost? 693 more words


An Awakening

Everywhere you look there is meat, eggs, dairy, people are wearing leather and using products that contain animal ingredients. I was already upset seeing meat as a vegetarian, but nothing prepared me for how I would feel as a vegan. 550 more words