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Signs that the "Ego" has took control - Part 1

I would like to share with you the signs that I spotted in others + those I felt while being under the control of the “Ego”: 746 more words


Trust Only Silence

Trust only the silence
Out of which everything arises
All this talk about the fire
Does nothing to keep us warm
Only the fire itself can do that… 51 more words


Your Spirit Within


You may look up,
you may look within,
does inspiration not come,
when you find
the spirit within?

Is not Love
the Living Force… 91 more words


/tarot cards

As if sh*t was not getting weird enough. There was a moment where I got the urge to go buy tarot cards. To be clear I bought one tarot deck and 2 oracle sets on Amazon. 154 more words

Data in to information

It takes discernment to do this.

Most problems don’t require more data. They require more insight, more innovation and better eyes.

Information is what we call it when a human being takes data and turns it into a useful truth.