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Time Sensitive: Mini Peace Meditations Nov 27 -29

If you have 5 minutes or more to spare please go to a place of peace within so that peace reflects back in outer reality. Slow deep breaths allow the body to clam. 134 more words


Beloved loves, when you find out who you are, everything clears up. Release your fears and come to yourself. ~ Nubala


As we elevate, we find that the knowledge we searched for, was already seeded within us. Don’t most of the astonishing truths somehow sound familiar?
💜 ~ Nubala 💜 ✨


Good morning, loves. We’ve been told to seek the ‘kingdom’ of heaven within. Well, I say seek peace and inner knowing, as it is always from within. 16 more words


Beloveds, I’m feeling so much gratitude. 💜
Thank you for holding space with me 💜. ~ Nubala


Breaking Down Gender Dysphoria

So what is this condition that all of a sudden has swept our world? Why all of a sudden are our youth, children and middle aged adults claiming to be born in the wrong body? 681 more words


Im awake

I used to hate History class, maybe because deep inside of my being I unconsciously knew that what I was being taught wasn’t real history… but now that I’m older, and wiser I’m learning the real from the fake, I’m aware and I’m awake.