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Hatsudai Awaodori Festival Coming Up!

If you are in Tokyo over the Silver Week you might as well live up the last day of the holidays by visiting the great Hatsudai Awaodori Festival in Shibuya’s Hatsudai district, the first day was today but the second is coming up tomorrow (or today, depending on the time zone where you are reading this) the 23rd. 52 more words


Koenji Awaodori Festival 2015

The end of August is the big weekend for Awaodori enthusiast as it is when the biggest annual festival outside of Tokushima Prefecture takes place. This year was just as massive as usual with huge crowds and tens of thousands of dancers, drummers, flutists etc. 64 more words


Takarabune at Kagurazaka Awaodori Festival

At the 44th Kagurazaka Awaodori Festival in Tokyo’s Shinkjuku Ward I managed to catch the final performance and grande finale of Takarabune giving one of their usual spirited performances. 46 more words


This Weekend - Awaodori Everywhere

This weekend is the absolute peak of the Awadori festivals of the year, all over Kanto there are large and small festivals taking place and I can not think of any team that has not been mobilized. 545 more words


Koiwa Awaodori - Nagisaren

Some more photos from the rainy but exceedingly well danced Koiwa Awaodori in eastern Tokyo last weekend. For being such a young festival they have managed to talk an awful lot of very good teams into dancing not least one of my favorites, the famous Nagisaren. 13 more words


O-Boy, O-bon: Tokushima Awaodori

Obon festival is something that I never fully experienced full-hand in California, although it was definitely not because of the lack of festivities going on. Obon festival was an annual treat at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple but I felt like a transplanted mixed Japanese girl that didn’t quite belong because I didn’t understand much about Japanese culture. 1,302 more words

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