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Yeah, this was originally supposed to be Best Actor, but some news came out today, so this one became more relevant. Sue me. 

Remember how last week, I said that the… 1,276 more words


Oscars Watch 2017: The Less-Depressing Campaign: Best Picture

Editor’s Note: Yes, there was originally a different article here. Yes, it was super dumb. No, I’m not going to subject you to it all again. 1,193 more words


"The Birth of a Nation" Review

In 1915 D.W. Griffith released The Birth of a Nation, a film that’s technical supremacy radically altered the course of filmmaking for the century to come. 543 more words

November 14 - Nocturnal Animals

(registration deadline: Friday, November 11)

Meet on the Fox Studios backlot for an in-depth analysis and discussion of the screenplay NOCTURNAL ANIMALS.

Logline: An art gallery owner is haunted by her ex-husband’s novel, a violent thriller she interprets as a veiled threat and a symbolic revenge tale. 348 more words


"Snowden" Review

As I type this, my webcam is staring at me. Before 2013 I, like many others, wasn’t worried that I could be monitored remotely from thousands of miles away by someone who can wirelessly access my laptop. 564 more words

A Relatively Kickass Emmys

I didn’t watch the Emmys last night. Just don’t want to lie to you up front. I fell asleep about 8:30 and don’t have cable anymore. 797 more words

Brandon Wagner

‘Tis the Season: “2016 Primetime Emmy Awards: Winners”

Award shows come every year, but mostly in a massive wave. You hardly have time to recover from the previous one, or two, when the next batch is upon you. 2,495 more words