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Day 9 & 10

Yesterday I was too ill to even contemplate writing my diary. I was feeling ill all day. I get pain in my stomach because of the Gastroparesis, every day it’s different some days worse than others. 424 more words



Quantum Leap Journey Into Your Fears.
Question to ponder over the weekend New Moon. Ask Yourself HONESTLY…WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T AFRAID?
As the HOPI have said to us… 231 more words


The Mystery of The Secret World. Silencio.

And the Gate Opens when You drop all labels, should and shouldn’t DOs and all meanings about how things are and follow the Entrance to Abyss…where You…. 37 more words


Under the umbrella

The basic umbrella or parasol was invented more than 4000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece and China. The umbrella was first designed to provide shade from the sun and the parasol usually protects from the rain. 103 more words

Today has been productive!

My husband struggles with motivation and sometimes gets so overwhelmed and asks me for advice. It feels good to have strong communication.

So yesterday we wrote down everything that was stressing him out it was a list of different things that needed to be done. 404 more words


Stretch Your Comfort Zones. True Life BE~gins OUTside of those walls.

Feeling Stuck in Your life ?

Stretch Your Comfort Zones.
Try to force yourself to Make One thing each day THAT scares you or goes opposite direction to Your usual familiar way . 156 more words


Today’s been a good day!

Today’s been lovely, being a women I like to feel like I look good at times. Not in a vain way but just feeling like I’m looking after myself. 323 more words