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somewhere in a former life

POSTCARD #174: Geneva, Switzerland: People, hovering around the exit door on the 18 tram to Carouge, faces look at me incidentally, I sometimes see one I think I know from times gone by in the metallic click over smooth rail joints, and the gentle jigging motion of the tram as it is now, and so it was then, travelling under an assumed identity, peripatetic teacher of English, here and there on trams every day, passing through security, a practiced conversationalist, and into rooms in banks behind closed and thickly felted huge metal soundproofed doors, gold taps in old bathrooms. 596 more words

The 'now' Moment

Weber County teen with distinctive truck driving discussion regarding Type 1 diabetes

WEBER COUNTY, Utah – A sophomore at Weber High School received a truck for his sixteenth birthday, but it’s more than just a means of transportation: It’s a vehicle for promoting awareness around an important medical issue. 408 more words


This is Life. Struggle and All.

This was on my mind and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

I’ve found that, one the most uneasy things to deal with is people and those people just happen to be the ones closest to you. 134 more words

Personal Development

In the assumed, not in the now

It’s in the abstract, the assumed, the possible and ‘what others think’ that the mind holds its phobias – as life messages of abandonment or inadequacy … Those qualities aren’t there in specific direct experience: there’s painful and pleasant moments, but there are no life messages. 79 more words


Awareness And Agency

This is a long post! So I joined this forum last spring, checked it out very briefly and then clocked out as I was going through a period of intense therapy and coming to terms with certain realities about my upbringing that I d been in denial about for most of my life. 46 more words

#BeautifulLengths Donation

This year, Pantene is launching the #8or8 campaign, encouraging people nationwide to donate 8 inches of hair or $8 to help create even more wigs. 273 more words

I Am Rachel