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We are suffering a plague of grackles.  I only meant to feed songbirds and sparrows, but first one grackle showed up, and then another. Soon a whole gang of them flew in and took over, chasing away the other birds, and in one afternoon they had eaten all two pounds of the birdseed I had just put out.   561 more words


How to Date a Grown Woman (and be a Datable Grown Woman)

So I’m single, ready to mingle, grown and sexy and all that business. I know a lot of people, male and female who are the same. 743 more words

What the Stomach Flu Taught Me About Autoimmune Diseases

In an unfortunate twist of fate, I succumbed to the stomach flu this past Sunday, the night before I was supposed to go back to work after spring break. 293 more words

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4/18/15- Run For It 5K: To Write Love On Her Arms

Today, I did a 5K for a super cool organization called To Write Love on Her Arms (in a super pretty location I might add) 377 more words


just me and what's left of a tree

you no longer bloom in the same way. yet, you have beauty – uniquely yours. you are the home to several spiders and insects which have mace their silken webs inside you. 159 more words