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Peace and harmony are natural products of a health and full aware mind

Unconscious is a mental state in which the person acts and/or thinks without really realizing what he does, or without exercising his will for perform it, reacting automatically. 293 more words


MRI Results

This was written on May 1.

Dr. Turk had called me earlier that day to tell me that the MRI had picked up another mass and he was “officially unofficially” recommending a mastectomy and he put in a referral for a plastic surgeon. 297 more words

Anxiety Poem/Piece

I have been experimenting with both research-based writing (most of this blog) and creative writing. I decided to share a creative piece I wrote during exams. 335 more words

5.24.18 Cousin Taylor

Meet my cousin, Taylor. He’s pretty great and is doing great things for lots of people. His brand, Surf & Turf Golf was recently featured in… 134 more words

ALS - SunnyStrong

You still listening?

So, after my previous blog-story, after Summer things seemed okay. I got into University without a problem (unconditionally) and started with a fresh mind set. 758 more words


Through The Looking Glass

I sit here in the silence of my being,

In the heart of many hearts,

And I see the world in all its glorious expression, 53 more words


Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I was physically injured, violently raped and sodomized at the age of 28 by a mutual acquaintance in the home of a friend – a married father of one who identifies as a Christian and is a member of a Church… 529 more words

My Story