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– Did you send postcards ´╗┐from Tartu?

– ?

Our digital world brains tried to locate the concept in the memory. It was at a working dinner with fifty something judges. 193 more words


Levels, Ups and Downs, Marathons and Grace.

For the purist you are either awake to your true nature or not. Therefore to assume one is awake and still have suffering points to the fact you are not from this hard line. 148 more words

Uncertainty and Possiblities

We always want to know things. We plan our future, how are we “supposed” to live in a couple of years and even how are we “supposed” to live for the rest of our lives. 360 more words


Eb is present today (Mayan Daykeeper)

Early on in my spiritual journey I would hear people say “My guides told me ….”, it used to really piss me off as my guides were nowhere to be seen. 460 more words

Mayan Daykeepers


A Day with Laura Benard written by Chaka PX

A Day with Miss Laura Benard an Entrepreneur and an Event planner who is willing to inspire all people coming through the line work. 458 more words

Shining A Light TO Show Just What Invisible Illness Is.......

The last few weeks I’ve felt myself disappearing down that shute, you know that tunnel, where all invisible illness sufferers go when health dips……BUT unlike past falls, I don’t stop……I just rest! 526 more words

Chronic Illness

Saturday thoughts

This morning, I went into town to do some last grocery shopping before the shops close and since calling it “this morning” is a bit of a stretch (it was past noon), I was running late for some of the stores. 676 more words