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The Tiny Cairn

Cairns are markers of an ancient sort. Over the millennia they have marked roads, burials, buried supplies, boundaries and countless other things. Here is a cairn to mark today as a special day – a marker for whatever needs celebrating, honoring or just a plain old mini monument to elegantly proclaim ‘I was here!’ Which you are. 15 more words


what if?

The sky opens up
and only now I can see
that there is nothing above,
no blue ceiling
in which the stars would hang
and the Moon or the Sun would walk around… 71 more words

Technological Replacement

We are ever advancing. Technology has firmly planted its roots and it’s starting to sprout its trees throughout the world. Information is so readily accessible now. 106 more words


This Warrior Is Back 👊

It seems like an eternity since my last post, & in all fairness it has been quite a while. However, I’m now back and hoping to start posting a little more regularly again, although as with everything in life – nothing is certain. 254 more words



there’s always something worrisome. how you choose to react is the complete & only freedom.

Right Brain


Waiting is pregnant
with a grace of its own
and is best embraced
with reverence and
patient love.

© 2016 Dennis Ference

My new book of original inspirational verses, …

23 more words

What nature tells us about bullying.

I am not sure I know if bullying is a good thing or a bad thing. For people, yes, it’s not a good thing. Or is it? 1,927 more words

Growth Opportunities