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A Lot of Sith Energy

Am I perhaps overegging things? You can make your own mind up. There is a lot of Sith energy in the world today, it broadly aligns with the mind-set of the corporate world. 93 more words

Mind Body And Spirit

Travelling - The incredible beauty of solitude and nature

A tranquil expanse of water, stretching into the sky, glittering in the sunshine as it merges with the horizon. Slow moving rippling light is reflected from the water surface to the underside of bleached paperbark limbs reaching over the inlet, branches dangling into the water. 236 more words


The Colossal Arrogance & Total Lack of Awareness of Predators: Canada, Brian Way & Azoz Films

On May 12, 2015 in a verdict that came as a surprise to no one, Brian Way: “Canada’s biggest child porn case” ends with a conviction on 15 charges.

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The Universe Constantly Holds A Mirror Up To You: Use It!

“We are mirrors for each other. Each person you meet or encounter reflects back who and what you are. That person is your reflection. You can learn from this person if you are wise and ready. 619 more words

Personal Development

Weekend read: The value of the Doctor-Patient relationship

“Tryng to put a value on the doctor-patient relationship” – by Km Tingley in the New York Times (16 May, 2018).

This long yet engrossing read offers a heartwarming perspective on how a sustained relationship between the patient and his/her primary care doctor can enhance healthcare for the patient and reduce costs to the overall healthcare system. 122 more words