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Choices and Excuses

“I don’t have time.” This was one of my all time favorite excuses for not making exercise a priority in my life. I think the real reason I stopped exercising was that I had no energy. 683 more words


Every time you go to work you change the world. My advice for creating a better tomorrow.

…If you’re like me you look at the world and quickly become overwhelmed by the ludicrous amounts of injustice and greed consuming our society. Corporations exploit the people they were originally intended to serve. 654 more words


What has Malta said in the last year?

Below is a compilation of articles published in the last twelve months which relate to abortion. They are overwhelming rigid in their stand against abortion, often depicting it simply as a general great evil that may destroy society, or as murder. 499 more words



Why I love drawing like a little kid, forgetting everything around and focussing on that piece of paper as if my dear life depended on it? 141 more words


Tikambe Episode 8: Sex Talk

This episode shows how young sexual debuts are occurring without youth getting information on the consequences. It’s the story of Iness, a young lady who had a child at 13 yrs old, right after writing her Grade 7 exams. 30 more words


Crazy to think about.

I found this photo floating around Facebook. I’m not sure where it originally came from, but it’s (pretty obviously) not mine. It sure does give us a good picture of what Luke, and all the other T1Ds go through every month. 31 more words

Everyday Life.


Reality is losing hold on this reality. We are now facing the silence, that moment between breaths when you touch the universe and the universe touches you. 57 more words