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Mytwosentences 130

The amative man with created red hair and a pocketless plaid jacket was about to hold the arm of a fubsy blind woman who was curiously smiling on a busy train platform. 40 more words


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Nice story, beautiful rose.


Ok so I’ll admit it, I’m an addict. Not to cocaine or alcohol or anything like that but something much more dangerous, my smartphone and social media. 164 more words


PANDAS Sucks Music Therapy #16: Heart Yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wanted to do a playlist with love songs that weren’t really romantic but were more about loving yourself. Love songs to build you up again.  810 more words


Visages Glor-I Nocturna Mond Eniki Urn

yellow lihts, placate limbs

        days en caves

cast shallow                                                                                                      



    though clear, smokey dim graves

            i live, as this

            I is such lifts

                       as swells, wells… 33 more words


Truth Will take Everything, Thats What It's For - The Awakening Fire

The thing about ‘waking up’ and stepping onto this new path is that its going to shake up a lot of your life.

It is the best and greatest gift you could ever give yourself, but you may lose a lot of the old stuff along the way. 1,373 more words



There are quiet currents
flowing through you
that will take you
where you need to go.
Learn to recognize
and trust them,
and your heart and eyes…

12 more words

This Is My Confession

Pssssshhh…. I have a confession to make, bigger and bolder and one I have only admitted to a chosen few people.

My name is Whitney Murphy and I am Bipolar. 529 more words